Switzerland is a country of magic, beauty, accuracy and discipline in everything, it is one of the charming countries that includes within it a group of magical areas that will take your mind upon arrival, as you will enjoy the high mountains and the picturesque and charming natural areas, as well as if you love to travel by air you can Take a ride on the cable car that embraces the Alps very close to the heart, so come with us on a charming tour of Switzerland, let’s fly.

The most beautiful tourist sites that you can visit in Switzerland:

1- Zermatt region:

Zeer Matt is the most famous region in Switzerland, as it is the most beautiful place to ski and watch snow in the winter, and is the most beautiful and wonderful summer resort that you can enjoy in the summer, when you arrive at Zeer Matt you will feel that you have been born again when you look at the top of a mountain. Matterhorn ”which is the highest summit, but then you can take a cable car tour and enjoy watching the summit of the Alps, and do not miss the opportunity to take a large collection of memorial photos.

2- The Geneva region ((the capital of money and beauty)):

Geneva is the most famous region in Switzerland and why not and it is the largest financial center in the world, as it is called the capital of peace, and Geneva is famous for its large fountain which you can view from anywhere in Switzerland as it is the largest in the world, as there is a large number Of the cultural centers and artistic centers that you will enjoy a lot, but do not forget to get a distinct group of chocolates, which is the most beautiful thing to taste!

3- Basel region:

If you are a natural amateurs, you should not miss to visit the city of Basel and visit the old zoo, which is called the largest and most beautiful zoo in the world, and attracts thousands of tourists annually in order to enjoy it, but if you want to see the ancient places you can To visit the ancient Basel Church, which is characterized by artistic architecture that will amaze you as soon as you see it.

4- Lausanne region:

If you want beauty, magic, nature and entertainment at one time, you should visit the Lausanne region, and you will find a distinct group of lakes and charming natural gardens that will take you to a second world of magic, beauty, comfort and recreation, and if you want to enjoy watching museums, you should not miss the opportunity to visit The Museum “Olympia”.

5- Sanin and years of nostalgia:

The Sannin region is one of the regions and distinctive destinations for world celebrities from all countries, in order to enjoy the beauty of charming landscapes and enjoy the sight of rare tourist areas, as this region includes within it the most famous and finest shops that offer a group of world famous brands, and it also has a ski resort In the winter you can spend a special day with her, so if you travel to Switzerland do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the city of celebrities and the wealthy.

6- Inter-Lac, “But you will live a fascinating world.”

If you are a fan of enjoying magic and walking on the banks of the river, who draws a beautiful painting with a hug of the night and colored lights, then you should spend a charming romantic night on the banks of the magical “Aar” river which is located in the center of Switzerland, but if you are a fan of enjoying exercise and spending A sporty day full of charming nature, you should go to the Virgin Mountains region and visit Lake “Brienz”, which is located in the heart of the Alps. One of the advantages of this region is that it is suitable for everyone, both in summer and winter.

7- Bern region, famous for its song, “Last Christmas”

This region is one of the very famous regions in Switzerland, although it is a very small town and it is located in the middle of the mountains, but it became famous a lot after filming the band and the song “Last Christmas” in it among the mountains covered with mountains, and you can enjoy a whole day in the mountains and skiing In the Sass region, if you go in the middle of summer, you will find greenery covering these mountains amid the charming natural mother.

8- Davos “Most Popular Economic Zone”:

The Davos region gained international fame due to the holding of the annual World Economic Conference in it, but not only that it is a charming area and one of the charming winter resorts in Switzerland, where you can practice a number of different sports in this region which are covered in greenery and abundant with pastures and broad plains So if you want to spend your vacation away from the hustle and bustle and want to enjoy serenity and sophistication, you should spend your vacation in the Davos region.

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