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Traveling to India is often an extraordinary experience, especially for those who visit India for the first time. India is a huge country that includes many different religions and cultures, in addition to vast areas of beautiful natural areas, and countless numbers of tourist attractions, especially historical palaces that turn some of them into hotels Luxurious tourist, in addition to that there are beautiful Indian cities where you will find traditional local markets and great restaurants.

Before you start planning your first visit to India, here is an impressive set of tips for travelers when traveling on a tourist trip to India:

Do not try to watch everything:

One of the biggest mistakes made by people who travel to India for the first time is to try to explore and see everything, and the truth is that this will only cause you fatigue and your loss of the pleasure of getting to know a country in the uniqueness and splendor of India, in addition to that, India is one of the countries with a huge area so that it It is said that six months is not enough to explore the country, so the best option is to focus on visiting one of the popular tourist destinations in India.

Do not spend time inside Indian cities:

If you want to see the true face of India, you should go to visit one of the beautiful Indian villages, where you can enjoy the charming nature around you and the friendliness and welcome that the inhabitants of Indian villages are famous for. You can also try going on one of the excursions in the mountainous areas near the Indian villages. .

Pay close attention to what you eat or drink:

Food and beverage contamination is a problem you may encounter anywhere, but this does not mean that you cannot experience dining abroad during your trip to India only you have to choose a good dining restaurant, and be sure to only drink mineral water and bottled in closed bottles.

Pay close attention to India’s cultural and social customs:

It is an important advice that you should follow wherever you go and not only in India. Not knowing the different cultural and social customs of people often causes a lot of misunderstanding, for example people in India are very friendly and often become their friend after a few minutes of talking, there is usually also Removing shoes before entering other people’s homes, which India usually shares with many Asian countries, also consider the need to take off shoes before entering the holy places.

Dress modestly:

India is a largely conservative society, so it is recommended to wear modest clothing that covers legs and arms. Indians understand the cultural differences between them and other peoples, so they will not comment on how you dress as a foreign person, but wearing modest clothing will make a very good impression on the local population.

Pay close attention to your feet and hands:

The feet are considered unclean in India so if you touch the purposes of others with your foot without intending to apologize, likewise the use of the left hand to eat or give things to others is usually unpleasant in India, another advice to avoid making mistakes related to the norms of behavior in the community Al-Hindi: Be sure to follow what others are doing and simulate them.

Don’t worry about the delay:

What is meant here is that the occasions when you may be delayed or others are late for their appointed time with you often talk a lot and for many reasons, including severe traffic congestion that characterizes many Indian cities, so keep in mind that your expedition in one of the Indian regions may be delayed for some time and perhaps For several hours, so keep in mind that you can spend time visiting the nearby shops and stores.

Maintain your personal safety:

This is by avoiding situations that may endanger your personal safety, such as avoiding walking alone in dark side streets, and avoiding appearing with expensive pieces of jewelry that suggest wealth and make you the target of theft, do not trust too much in strangers, you can be friendly but not to an exaggerated degree.

Watch out for scams and prospect:

You can do this by buying from trusted stores, especially government stores, and by avoiding the use of your credit cards for purchase. It is also advised to avoid purchase deals that may seem better than they are real or to use the purchase and shipping service to your country especially with untrusted or known stores that may send You have valuables or bad goods after you pay in exchange for a good.

Traveler tips for tourism in India - Traveler tips for tourism in India
Traveler tips for tourism in India

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Do not spend time inside Indian cities

1581287873 463 Traveler tips for tourism in India - Traveler tips for tourism in India
Pay close attention to India’s cultural and social customs

1581287873 129 Traveler tips for tourism in India - Traveler tips for tourism in India
India is a huge country that includes many different religions and cultures

1581287873 335 Traveler tips for tourism in India - Traveler tips for tourism in India
Wear modest clothing


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