Traveling around the world

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Traveling around the world

It is the movement of people between the relatively remote geographical regions, where there are many ways to travel such as walking (old time), bicycles, train, boats, planes, cars and buses, and the word travel back to the old French language, as it was used for the first time in the fourth century Ten means effort, and there are many people who love to travel to every spot of the earth for the sake of many demands, motivations.


There are many reasons and motives that people take as a reason to travel and roam around the world, and the most prominent of these drivers are:

Amusement and entertainment

They are two activities that any person desires to do, because there is a human instinct that drives him to have some time to practice these two activities, which gives him a recovery period to restore strength and activity.


Thousands of people travel daily to many countries as a tourist tour to get to know the monuments, ancient archaeological sites that are still considered a historical witness to an era of ancient times, and ancient civilizations. And thanks to the presence of high-quality hotels and resorts, in addition to developments in the infrastructure of technology and transportation, there are many types of tourism, namely:

  • Sustainable tourism: aims to manage all resources such as economic and social needs.
  • Therapeutic: There are people traveling around the world to search for countries that have the best medical treatments in their hospitals, and there are some countries that have treatment sites that many people go to, such as baths, hot eyes, and rare clay types.
  • Educational: Many people seek to visit countries to learn in their universities as they contain the best universities and distinguished scientific edifices.

the work

Some people working for major companies or their owners travel as they travel to complement the businesses and missions of companies for their subsidiaries in countries around the world. There are also some major filmmakers who seek to produce the best films on the world stage, traveling to many countries to complete the work.

Most visited

  • France: It is one of the European countries. More than 83.7 million people go to the country annually.
  • The United States of America: It is located on the continent of North America, where the country annually visits more than 74.8 million people.
  • Spain: On the European continent, more than 65 million people go to the country every year.
  • China: In the eastern part of the Asian continent, more than 55.6 million people go to the country annually.

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