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Maritime transport is the process of transporting a group of things or people through water from one region to another using water transport means such as a ship, a boat, or any other method used on the surface of the water, where goods are transported from one country to another country in the world By huge ships, including container ships in addition to oil tankers, and raw material tankers.
It is worth noting that the shipbuilding industry developed throughout history, as man relied on sailing ships, then developed them and became operating with oil and gas. Today, we find some developed countries that operate their ships using nuclear energy, and it is known that the first Muslims were proactive to ride the sea, where they took advantage of it in Trade and spreading Islam across the world, and we will talk about in this article about traveling by sea in terms of its characteristics and advantages.

Shipping characteristics

Shipping has a set of characteristics, including:

  • Specialization: As the transportation by ship depends on the transportation of only one material such as: the transportation of oil, or like banana tankers between the Central American region and the United States, and there are tankers dedicated to transporting grape juice such as tankers between Algeria and France, in addition to the presence of ships dedicated to transporting passengers.
  • The load can be increased for a single ship, as the load of some ships can reach hundreds of thousands of tons, within the areas characterized by a water dive that rises from ten meters.
  • Speed ​​as the speed of ships became high, due to the techniques used in shipbuilding, as the speed reached fifty nautical miles.
  • Reduced material shipping costs when compared to other means of transport.
  • The presence of international companies with high experience specializing in shipbuilding and shipping, in addition to shipbuilding and repair services, such as building maintenance docks or places to store goods, and marine insurance.
  • It provides major shipping lines around the world.

River transportation

Rivers can be used for transportation, and it is worth noting that there are a set of conditions for river transport to be economically feasible, including:

  • That the river be abundant and deep, in addition to being wide and less winding.
  • The area suitable for navigation from the river should be long.
  • The river should be slow flowing and there are no waterfalls or rocks.
  • To be far from the possibility of rock collapse on its sides, and to have little freezing time.
  • To flow the river into an open sea or an ocean.

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