Traveling from Istanbul to Trabzon

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Travel between Turkish cities

The total area of ​​the Turkish Republic is 783,562 km2, and there are many cities that enjoy their picturesque nature, including the cities of Trabzon and Istanbul, which is the largest city in them. And it has many popular restaurants, cafes, and tourist areas, such as the Ottoman mosques, while Trabzon enjoys the beauty of natural and picturesque countryside, and the presence of water lakes surrounded by mountains on each side.

Many tourist programs compel the tourist to visit only one region, because of the distance between the regions. Therefore, we have dedicated this article to presenting the most important ways and information necessary to know when traveling from Istanbul to Trabzon.

Travel from Istanbul to Trabzon

Trabzon is sixty-nine and sixty kilometers away from Istanbul, meaning that the distance is very long, and there is no train link between these two cities, so there are only three ways to get to it;

  • The plane; tickets are booked in advance from “Ataturk” airport to flights to Trabzon and domestic flights do not cost much, but the price may vary depending on the tourist season and ranges between thirty-one dollars to one hundred and two dollars per ticket, and the distance to Trabzon is nine hundred kilometers. The journey lasts for three hours and eighteen minutes.
  • The car; tourist cars can be rented with or without the driver, and prices vary if a car is rented with a driver and according to the time the driver spends with the tourist when arriving in Trabzon and take him to tourist places, and the car can only be rented, and a tourist guide can be requested when visiting the regions of Trabzon Tourism, and the journey takes sixteen hours and forty-two minutes by car, if the car’s speed is sixty-four kilometers an hour, thirteen hours and twenty-two minutes if the car’s speed is eight Yen kilometers per hour, and the cost of the trip from one hundred and eighty dollars to two hundred and sixty dollars, It is worth noting that the most famous tourist area of ​​Uzungol in Trabzon is a hundred kilometers away from it.
  • The bus; there are private buses that go on regular trips to Trabzon, and reservation is made in advance, and the journey costs between twenty-seven dollars to forty-two dollars, and the journey lasts for eighteen hours and fifty-two minutes, which is a long and exhausting distance, and tourists are advised to have time Traveling by bus is because it is easier than driving a car, and because the scenic views along the distance from Istanbul to Trabzon are not to be missed, in addition to the presence of short breaks to eat and eliminate the need.

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