Traveling to Austria

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Traveling to Austria

Austria is located in the continent of Europe alongside Germany on the north, Switzerland on the west, Hungary and Slovakia on the east, and on the south it is located alongside Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and Austria has an area of ​​83,872 square kilometers and a population of 8,414,634 according to a statistic conducted in 2011 AD .

The population of Austria

The Austrian population lives in great prosperity in the country due to its high financial resources, as it is one of the richest countries in the world, and the German language was considered the official language in the country, used by more than 88.6% of the population, while the rest use the Croatian and Serbian language, and the religion spread in the country is Catholic Christianity, so the percentage of its conversion increases About 74%, and just as there are people who convert to Islam but a small percentage do not exceed 4.2% of them. Austria has been famous for its mild climate, in addition to the presence of archaeological sites and modern places, which made it the focus of attention of the world’s population to travel to.

Tourist attractions in Austria

Tourist attractions in Austria:

  • Hofburg Imperial Palace: It is a castle dating back to the thirteenth century that has been used as the seat of Habsburg rule for more than 700 years, but at the present time the palace was used as the headquarters of the President of the Republic and a place for conferences, and the palace is an impressive architectural masterpiece for everyone who saw it.
  • Art History Museum: It is a huge building reaching a height of sixty meters, and is located in the center of Vienna, with many exhibits showing the dynasties that passed through Austria, and is considered one of the most important tourist places in the country.
  • Vienna Opera House: It is one of the largest theaters performing opera in the world, and part of the building was destroyed in World War II, but what was destroyed was repaired, reopened in 1955 AD, and the theater has 2,200 seats.
  • Vienna Prater amusement park: It is one of the most important recreational places visited by residents and tourists, because it contains many recreational games, cafes and restaurants, and there is also a park near the park distinguished by its green nature.
  • Schonbrunn Lien Garden: It is one of the gardens for animals since ancient times, and the park is characterized by great care for the animals in it, so it lives as if in a forest, and this forest was utilized on the scientific level, so many studies and researches about animals are carried out.
  • Rosenberg Castle: It is a strange palace in its design, it was built by wealthy merchants in 1583 AD, and the palace attracts many tourists to it throughout the year.
  • Zell am See: This park contains special paths for the disabled, to provide comfort and luxury to them, as the park contains natural natural roses and green trees.
  • Large range of indoor swimming pools and sauna: These baths provide relaxation and treatment for tourists, so the demand is great.


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