Traveling to Beirut

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Tourist attractions in Beirut

There are many tourist attractions that a tourist can visit in Beirut, including the following:

  • Beirut Central District: The area is a geographical, administrative and commercial center for the city of Beirut, and one of the most important monuments is the presence of Nejmeh Square, which reflects the most important reforms that took place after the devastation of the war.
  • Robert Moawad Private Museum: This Lebanese museum is located in the area of ​​Ziqaq Al-Balat, and it is distinguished for its Byzantine mosaics, Roman marble statues, Chinese ceramics, Christian icons, and manuscripts.
  • National Museum of Beirut: The museum was destroyed during the civil war in Lebanon, and the museum reopened again after its restoration and rehabilitation, so that the museum includes archaeological holdings dating back to the Roman, Byzantine and other eras.
  • Hamra Street: Al Hamra Street is one of the most important streets and centers of Beirut, as it was the seat of intellectuals, journalists, and artists from the sixties to the nineties because it contains a number of theaters and cafes.
  • Beirut Technical Center: The center opened since 2009 AD, and it hosts many exhibitions by important contemporary artists, visited by art and design lovers.

Tips to travel to Lebanon

There are some practical advice that a tourist can follow when traveling to Lebanon, including the following:

  • Locating the overnight stay before traveling: It is advised for the tourist to specify his place of residence before arriving in Beirut, and to take into consideration that the hotel’s location is close to the tourist attractions he would like to visit.
  • Taking temperature into account: The summer in Beirut is very hot, so the atmosphere is suitable for swimming only, but it is not suitable for walking and exploration, while in the winter the weather is very cold and rainy.
  • Budgeting: Traveling to Beirut is expensive, as a tourist needs a budget to cover accommodation, transportation, and food.


Beirut is the capital of Lebanon, it is located in the middle of the Lebanese coastline in the eastern Mediterranean, and it is the oldest city in Lebanon, and it is characterized by energy, vitality and congestion, and contains many museums and tourist attractions that attract tourists to it.


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