Traveling to China

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Traveling to China

There is no doubt that traveling to China Arab travelers attracts a large segment of people, to return unforgettable memories and pictures of this ancient country which, with patience and persistence, was able to transform into an industrial and commercial country on a global level, and China receives a large number of tourists and visitors every year, in search of On the beauty of Chinese nature and getting to know the unique Chinese civilization with regard to its different customs, food and affairs. China also attracts a large number of visitors for the purpose of trading and buying different Chinese goods.

Tips before traveling to China

Traveling to China needs some planning and management before traveling there, in addition to identifying some important things that help the traveler during his trip there, and it is important to examine the passport so that it is valid at the time of travel and extends for several months, in order to avoid the occurrence of Complications while traveling.

Language and currency

Learning a part of the Chinese language will make it easier for the traveler to navigate and roam the streets of China, as it will be easier for him to interact and discuss with merchants during shopping, and also helps to delve deeper into the Chinese culture more broadly, while making sure to study the Chinese currency and its value compared to the well-known currencies, to facilitate financial transactions in Restaurants, transportation and markets.

Chinese food

Chinese food habits are characterized by the use of chopsticks instead of spoons and forks, it is important to learn the correct way to catch and pick up food, in order to avoid obstacles, it is nice to go to traditional Chinese restaurants to enjoy the Chinese food that is distinguished in its taste and shape for any food in different countries of the world.


Various means of transportation are available on the streets of China from taxi cars to buses and trains linking between different regions and cities. It is easy to locate them with the help of local people and ask for help from them, as they are known for their friendly and hospitable nature, especially with visitors and foreigners.

Visit areas

It is difficult to visit all the tourist areas in China during one trip, as China stretches over a vast area with a diversity of nature in between high mountains, deserts, green pastures and dense forests, and it is preferable to specify one destination or two and enjoy them during the trip, instead of spending the trip on the move Here and there.

  • The Great Wall of China: It is classified as one of the oldest wonders of the world, despite its extension over a large area of ​​6400 km2 along the northern region of China, it was built manually without the use of machines, but its history dates back to the 4th century BC, and was intended to protect the northern regions of Enemies.
  • Potla Palace: Its history dates back to the seventh century AD, and the palaces group is located on the highest point in Mount Hongshan at a height of 3700 AD, where the palace represents the highest group of luxurious buildings in the world, which contain a large number of palaces and temples linked together.
  • The Forbidden City: It is located in the heart of Beijing and is one of the most important archaeological symbols and most attractive to tourists in China. The Forbidden City was the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties, which is a huge area with multiple facilities, it took 14 years to build from the beginning of the fifteenth century AD.

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