Traveling to Comoros

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Comoros with its capital Moroni is a group of volcanic islands, namely: Nagasegia, which is the largest island and is the seat of the capital, and Mahori, Anjouan, and Mawali, which is the smallest island, all located in the Indian Ocean, and near the southeastern coasts of the African continent, which is an Arab Islamic country Among the smallest countries in the world, with an area of ​​about 1862 km2, and is considered one of the most populous countries, Comoros does not share with any other country in the land borders, but there are some countries close to it such as Mozambique and Madagascar.

Comoros independence

Comoros was exposed to the French occupation, but it gained its independence in the year 1975 AD, knowing that the island of Mahore is still ruled by the French, because they refused to resign from it, and currently the islanders speak the French and Arabic language in addition to the Comorian language, and it is worth noting that due to Its cultural and cultural diversity, Comoros was the only country that obtained membership of both the African Union and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, in addition to the Francophone Organization of French-speaking Countries.

Climate of Comoros

Comoros is distinguished by its tropical climate, where this state is dominated by two seasons in one year, which is the summer season with a high temperature that may exceed thirty degrees Celsius, as it starts in January to April, knowing that March is the warmest month of the year, In addition to the winter that begins in May to November, where it is characterized by cold and dry weather, and sometimes there are some strong and strong hurricanes and hurricanes, knowing that it rains on its soil continuously, whether in summer or winter.

Traveling to Comoros

There is one airline in Comoros, which is the Comoros National Aviation Company, which is located in the capital Moroni, which is taken from Prince Saeed Ibrahim International Airport as a hub for all its flights, in addition to the two other airports located in Anjouan Island which is Awani Airport, in addition to Moheli Island It is located in the Moheli Bandar Al Salam Airport, and it is worth noting that entering Comoros does not require a visa.

The Comoros has become a region to attract tourists from different countries of the world, because they can enjoy the stunning views of nature and beaches overlooking the shores of the Pacific Ocean. They still retain old Islamic customs and traditions.


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