Traveling to Croatia

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The best places to visit in Croatia

Croatia has witnessed a significant increase in the numbers of its visitors and tourists coming after its division from Russia and the development of its tourism sector, and despite the instability of the political conditions in these countries, the beauty of its nature and geographical distinction made it an important tourist destination for many around the world who are searching for landscapes Unique and rare, as well as quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

The city of Zagreb

It is the official capital of the country, and one of its most important and most attractive cities for tourists, because it contains huge numbers of areas and luxurious tourist facilities that provide entertainment and entertainment for the visitor, in addition to being one of the few cities that combine huge and high-end contemporary buildings and traditional traditional buildings side by side in a place One, and there are a number of cathedrals distributed in various regions.

Plettivice Lakes National Park

The Pletvice Lakes Park is considered one of the most wonderful global tourist areas and not only in Croatia, where it is difficult but impossible to travel to Croatia without visiting this park, which is filled with large numbers of lakes, waterfalls and springs that the eye enjoys its beauty and beauty, and the sound of the flowing water in it, where the garden contains 16 of the lakes of different sizes, between large and small, and surrounded by a variety of lakes, a variety of forests, bushes and highlands, which together provide a unique aesthetic view that can only be found in Croatia.

Cornati National Park

Cornati National Park is located in the central province of Dalmata, and this park is considered one of the most distinguished and beautiful natural regions in the world, due to its geographical nature, which consists of 89 independent islands, which represent a unique home of its kind for a number of rare plants and animals, and visitors to these islands can also Enjoy diving in its waters rich in marine life and fish, which provide the visitor with a view that the human eye cannot imagine.


One of the most beautiful tourist cities of Croatia, as it contains a lot of huge tourist hotels, and many ancient archaeological areas such as temples, museums and ancient castles surrounded by the remains of its walls, and Dubrovnik also contains a number of tourist resorts that provide its guests with many recreational and recreational services.

Kopaki Rit National Park

The park is located in the eastern regions of Croatia, and extends in the region of Parena with vast areas, to include more than 260 varieties of unique birds, and many animals whose interlocking forests live near the Danube River passing through.


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