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Factors that encourage travel to Georgia

Georgia is one of the most beautiful European countries that have places to attract visitors, including the following:

  • The beauty and diversity of nature: Georgia contains mountains, tropical forests, and desert-like areas, and the Caucasus Mountains provide an opportunity for skiing.
  • Climate: The subtropical climate helps encourage the swimming season and travel.
  • Historical and cultural monuments: Georgia’s historical and cultural resources contain more than 12,000 monuments, 150 museums, as well as a number of cathedrals, churches, and bridges dating back many centuries.
  • Social relations: the people of Georgia are distinguished by their friendliness, generosity, and love for the guests coming to their countries.

The right times to travel to Georgia

The beginning or end of the summer is the best time to visit Georgia. Usually mid-summer is hot and humid. Georgia’s beaches welcome semi-tropical weather. The mountains of Georgia receive visitors throughout the summer with a cool and sunny climate. For ski lovers, the country can be visited during the snowfall period, which It falls in the Caucasus Mountains at the beginning of November.

The transportation means for traveling to Georgia

There are several means of transportation to travel to Georgia, including the following:

  • Airplanes: Airplanes are used to travel to Georgia, and Tbilisi International Airport located in the capital of Georgia is one of the most famous, as it is the main airport that provides services to all parts of the world, but flights between countries are limited, due to the continuing conflict with Russia.
  • Buses: Long buses are available for transporting passengers from Turkey and Azerbaijan, while minibuses are an appropriate means of transporting passengers from Russia to Georgia.
  • Trains: Trains are considered one of the most important means of transportation, because they are good and inexpensive, and they are available all over the country. Trains operate between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and it is indicated that this method is one of the slowest means of transportation.
  • Boats: Boats are available from Istanbul and Odessa to Batumi and Butte Georgia.
  • Car: It is possible to travel in Georgia by car, and it is preferable to use four-wheel drive vehicles, especially in mountainous areas.

Tourist places in Georgia

It is possible to travel to the following tourist places in Georgia:

  • Tbilisi (Georgian capital): It is located along the River Metacafaria, and contains an ancient city that displays a glimpse of Georgia’s history, where visitors can go to old churches, restaurants, and shops, in addition to the presence of a number of museums and art galleries.
  • Mtskheta: It is referred to as the former capital of the country, and contains several important historical sites, including the headquarters of the Georgian Orthodox Church, and sites belonging to UNESCO.
  • Svetiskhoveli Cathedral: It is a sacred site, and its construction dates back to the sixth century. It is mentioned that it was built in the Jafari Monastery in the year 1010 AD.
  • Georgia Resorts: Georgia offers a number of award-winning golf resorts. These resorts overlook the ocean and stunning mountain heights. Examples of these resorts include:
    • Sea Island Resort: It is located along the Georgian coast.
    • Ritz Hotel: located on the side of Okane Lake.
    • Barnsley Resort and Gardens.
    • King and Princess Golf Resort.
    • Callaway Gardens.

Georgia video is not Georgia!

Are you planning an unforgettable tourism? You may want to know Georgia, you may choose it as your destination:

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