Traveling to Germany

It is one of the most productive countries for various heavy industries, and Germany is located in the middle of the continent of Europe, and is classified as one of the most important tourist destinations in Europe, where it attracts millions of tourists and visitors every year, and the cities of Germany attract different tourist groups from families, grooms, young people and old people because of the diversity Its civilization and geography, which offers the tourist unlimited options for recreational activities that he can do, between trips in the arms of nature, wandering in its famous palaces and gardens, or moving between its picturesque islands.

Tips before traveling to Germany

If there is a desire to travel to Germany, there are some points to take into account before starting to pack bags.


The validity of the passport must be extended for more than four months from the date of travel, while those holding European passports do not need the passport when traveling to Germany, it is sufficient to have a personal card with them.

Entry visa

The validity of entry visas to Germany extends from 3 months to 6 months, and whoever exceeds this period is considered to be outside the German law, and is deported to his country compulsorily by the German government, but whoever has a European passport does not need an entry visa.


Most of the cities of Germany are characterized by moderate climatic climate, with a continuous blow to the humid western winds, and the moderate weather prevails in the northern regions of the country, while the continental atmosphere prevails in the eastern regions, while the southern regions witness a lot of fluctuations between the moderate and continental climates.


The express train is the first means of transportation between German cities. There are also many waterways that are distributed in large numbers in various regions of Germany, and airlines that play an important role in the airspace between different parts of the world.


Germany covers 12 different networks of cellular networks, and provides its services to the consumer through the use of a prepaid SIM card that works on the GSM system.

Geographical nature

The geographical nature of Germany varies between the alpine mountain ranges that extend in the southern regions of the country, and the coasts extending in the northern regions of it, the most important of which are the Baltic coasts, as it includes vast areas of forests and natural life, occupying about a third of its area, but its main rivers such as the Danube And a river to it came from Wilstermach, which is famous for being the lowest place in Germany.

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