Hungary or Hungary is a country located in the center of Europe, bordered to the north by Slovakia, to the northeast by Ukraine, to the east by Romenia, to the south by Croatia, and to the west by Austria, and Hungary is one of the confined states, which do not look from any side of the sea, but bordered by land From the four sides.
Hungary contains many beautiful tourist areas, we will offer some of them, which we advise you to visit when you travel to Hungary, and before that we will show the way to travel to Hungary and some documents necessary to obtain a visa.

How to travel to Hungary

If you want to travel to Hungary, you must obtain:

  • The passport, so that it has not been more than ten years since its issuance date, and that it is valid for a minimum of three months after the expiration of the required visa, and it has two blank pages as a minimum, in addition to providing a photocopy of it and previous passports if they are present with a presentation A photocopy of it, too.
  • Photographs: One recent photograph that meets the standards of biometrics, and the date of photographing does not exceed six months, provided that the background is white.
  • Biometric data collection: It is valid for five years, and for more than twelve years.
  • Health insurance policy.
  • Supporting documents:
    • Fill out the visa application form with all the data, and sign it from the applicant in person.
    • A document showing the purpose of the visit and the itinerary.
    • Proof of another residence with full address and phone number, or hotel reservation.
    • Booking flights back and forth.
  • The visa as well as approval of travel by the guardian in the event that the traveler is a minor.
  • Language requirements: Hungarian or English.
  • Time required to obtain a visa: Fifteen working days.
  • Visa fee: 60 euros for adults, 35 euros from six to twelve years of age, free of charge for those under six.

Tourist places in Hungary

  • Buda Castle and Matthias Church: Buda Castle is located in the capital Budapest, which is one of the World Heritage sites registered with UNESCO, which includes the historical museum of the capital and the Hungarian National Museum, the structure of this castle was rebuilt more than once to become the end of a large palace consisting of 203 rooms, and it includes the historical museum and the Museum of Fine Arts .

As for the Matthias Church, it was built in the ninth century in the very region where Buda Castle is located, and it is the second largest church in the castle. It includes the Museum of Ecclesiastical Art, which is one of the most important and most visited tourist sites in Hungary.

  • Lake Balaton: Lake Balaton or the Hungarian lake is one of the large lakes in the region of Central Europe, and it is considered one of the most important tourist areas in Hungary due to the sweetness of its water and the lining of mountains in it on one side beautifully, and the other side of it is characterized by the beauty of its nature and the ability to enjoy all activities in it.
  • Hungarian Parliament Building: It is a well-known landmark in Hungary, and an impressive example of neo-Gothic architecture. Tours in this landmark take 45 minutes accompanied by guides from Parliament.
  • Andrassy Street (city center): It is one of the most popular shopping areas in the capital Budapest, as it is full of life, and it includes many of the best restaurants and theaters, and many entertainment facilities can be enjoyed after eating dinner or after shopping.
  • Karst Caves and Slovaks: It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with 712 caves, and it is characterized by the presence of the highest stalagmites globally, in addition to being covered with ice at the abyss level.
  • Suspension bridge: It is the first bridge between ancient Buda and the six United cities in 1873 CE.
  • Halaspastia Fortress (Fisherman’s Fortress): This fortress contains a watch of towers with seven terraces of Neo-Romen and New Romen styles, and it also overlooks stunning panoramic views, and near it is the Church of St. San Matias.
  • Sichene Spa: It provides relaxation for its visitors, and it also treats many diseases.
  • St. Stephen’s Church: It was called this name in honor of the first king of Hungary.

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