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India or the Indian Republic as it is officially known is located in southern Asia, and it is the seventh largest country in the world by area, and the second largest country in the world with a population density, with a population of more than one billion two hundred million people.

India is a federal constitutional republic governed by a parliamentary system consisting of seven regions and twenty-nine states, and it is distinguished by the diversity of languages ​​and ethnicities found in it, and in addition to that it is considered one of the countries in which wildlife is diversified, and the reason is due to its distinct geographical position.

There is no doubt that travel to India may cause many people a cultural shock, especially if it is the first visit, it is a very huge country and there are many different religions and cultures, and its streets are crowded and full of cars that are not free from movement at any time of the day, so I must The traveler to the Indian Republic is to be well prepared for the trip and to have carefully planned all the matters he may be exposed to or need.

Tips for the traveler to India

There are many tips that a traveler to India must follow and adhere to in order to enjoy his trip, and these tips include the following:

Avoid getting tired

We also mentioned that India is very large, and many of those who traveled complained of exhaustion and fatigue as a result of trying to visit all places, and carry out all activities in a specific time period, so there must be a logical plan traveling to places that you like to visit in the specific time period of the trip, and that Other areas are postponed for the next visit.

Exit the city

India enjoys the breathtaking nature and many water bodies, and to get out of the hustle and bustle of daily life and the stress in the city we recommend visiting the small Indian villages that reflect the true essence of the original life.

Attention to eating and drinking

Many tourists who visited some of the countries populated with populated food and exposed to many street foods and popular restaurants are exposed to the symptoms of food poisoning, from stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea, so be sure to check the restaurant, food and drink before eating it.

The most important places

It is not possible to limit the places that can be visited in India, but we will mention to you some of the most famous areas that attract tourists such as: tigers reserves and safari, many of which are in India, and these reserves are considered home to many animals, especially tigers, and there are five major reserves in India for this purpose, Among them are the Khanna International Park, the Banna National Park, the Pinch Tiger Reserve, and the Taj Mahal, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and of course we do not forget festivals and popular markets.

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