Traveling to Indonesia

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Traveling to Indonesia

Many dream about traveling to Indonesia despite being classified among the developing and poor countries, not because of enjoying first-class restaurants and hotels, but with the aim of enjoying its picturesque nature and its most wonderful atmosphere in light of the cultural and cultural diversity embraced by it, and Indonesia is distinguished by its subtropical climate due to its location on the equator , Where only two seasons prevail, one is dry and the other rainy and floods and hurricanes prevail, and it is preferable to visit Indonesia in the dry season in order to be able to enjoy its natural beauty and to move live among its 17 thousand islands, and the Indusenus inhabits only six thousand of them.

Tips before you travel

  • Before traveling to Indonesia it is advised to get vaccinated against some of the diseases that spread it.
  • Ensure the use of closed mineral water for drinking, due to the high level of pollution in its drinking water that the locals are accustomed to, but it may cause poisoning cases for tourists and new visitors to Indonesia.
  • Maintain sunscreen in a handbag and hats on the head to avoid exposure to hot sun stings and strong sunstrokes.

Tourism in Indonesia

In Indonesia, in addition to the picturesque nature and water, ancient buildings overlooking the old.

the food

Tourists can not start tourist tours in Indonesia before eating the smell of food, which manipulates the feelings of tourists in all corners of the country and the high-end, and Indonesian food is famous for the diversity of its flavors and colors, in addition to using spices in large quantities and professionally, which shows the food with new and distinct flavor and flavor.

Recreational activities

The large number of problematic islands of Indonesia helped diversify and diversify recreational activities from one region to another, in proportion to the nature of each island, some of which are famous for surfing and diving, and flying over water, as are the many white sandy beaches in which the tourist finds the pleasure of swimming and lying on the sand Due to the close distance between these islands, tourists can enjoy all recreational activities within days.

Floating markets in the water

One of the strange and new aspects that tourists will encounter frequently in Indonesia is the markets of vegetables and fruits floating in the water, as sellers offer vegetables and fruits in small wooden boats, and they move in specialized areas near the beaches in order to display and sell them to passers-by.

Places of worship

It is not difficult to reach places of worship for different monotheistic religions and religious beliefs, as in Indonesia there are 6 recognized religions, which provide their own places of worship throughout Indonesia.


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