Traveling to Kosovo

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The Republic of Kosovo is located on the European continent, alongside Albania from the south side, the Republic of Macedonia from the southeast, and Serbia to the northeast, and from the northwestern side, it is bordered by Montenegro. Pristina is its official capital, and the total area of ​​the state has reached 10577 square kilometers, and is inhabited by about 2,100,000 people according to the expectations announced by the state in the year 2011 AD, and most of them convert to the Islamic religion by 95%.
The country has gone through many political events, the most important of which is its independence from Serbia, and its autonomy for itself, which is recognized only by 108 countries around the world. Normalizing its relations with Kosovo.

Traveling to Kosovo

Kosovo is characterized by its location between both the Mediterranean and high mountain baskets bordering on the southeastern European side, which made it with a multi-climate and diverse temperatures and a picturesque aesthetic nature represented by four rivers flowing in it, and 17 lakes and a large group of hills, this increased opportunities Travel to it with the aim of tourism. In the past years, Kosovo has received a lot of attention from tourists from all over the world. In addition to the beauty of the nature of its lands, the cost of travel to it is cheap and has little material cost, thus increasing its income and improving its economic situation.

The most beautiful places in Kosovo

There are many places that can be visited by tourists, including the following:

  • The capital, Pristina: The most visited city in this city is the mosques that date back to the fifteenth century, and the most visited mosque is the Al-Fatih Mosque, which is characterized by its wonderful construction and decoration.
  • Brezovica Mountain: It is a mountain located in the northeastern part of the Saar Mountains. The mountain is characterized by a lot of accumulated ice, which made the government consider creating special resorts for tourists and by providing a set of skiing tools to practice their hobby.
  • Jeravica summit: It is the highest mountain in the state of Kosovo, where it rises from the surface of the earth by 2656 meters, and there are many ice lakes near the summit.
  • Mount Crnoljeva: It is a mountain located in the center of Kosovo, from which many rivers flow, the most important of which are the Drinka River and the Tubla River. The mountain is considered a scenic landscape visited by thousands of tourists annually.
  • Lake Lisanat: It is a wonderful lake located between a group of mountains and around it many green trees whose image is reflected in the lake water, which increases its beauty.


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