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Kuwait is one of the Arab Gulf states, and it is the smallest Gulf state in terms of area, with its capital in Kuwait City, bordered on the west and north by the Iraqi Republic, on the eastern side by the Gulf of Arabia, and on the south by Saudi Arabia. Kuwait is characterized by a desert climate like the rest of the other Gulf countries, where it is in the summer The temperatures are very high, and in the winter it drops to become a mild climate, as it is considered one of the most famous oil producing countries in the world. Therefore, Kuwaitis are distinguished by high incomes, as they have advanced significantly in terms of architecture, in addition to the proliferation of many commercial, tourist and third places Rhyme and artistic.

How to travel to Kuwait

Entry to the State of Kuwait is not an easy matter, as all the Gulf states work by the same system, so entry is only for tourism and its duration does not exceed two weeks, or for a work contract, and you need an entry visa with no objection, so that there is a sponsor who is the business owner, and he is the one who sends With an entry visa, it facilitates the entry of the worker or employer. In addition to the business or investor visa, who invest in the state.

Tourist places in Kuwait

Kuwait contains a group of famous tourist attractions, including:

  • Kuwait TowersThese towers are considered one of the most prominent features that are divided into three towers in the Ras Agouza area in Kuwait City, the capital. These towers were officially opened during the year (1979 AD), and the height of the main tower in them is approximately (187) meters, and what distinguishes these towers is their circular shape which It reveals to its visitors the most beautiful scenery in the city, and it also contains a large reservoir of water, and these towers won the Aga Khan Award for Islamic Architecture.
  • Sadu HouseIt is a heritage area for preserving the Sadu industry in the region, which is a traditional industry specialized in knitting and weaving wool, and the house of poetry and tents, and many exhibitions and courses are held in it. This house was established in (1979 AD), but it was built of clay in the year (1936 AD) in the style of the old Kuwaiti architecture with Indian and Islamic touches.
  • the green IslandIt is one of the artificial islands with an area of ​​approximately (785) thousand square kilometers. It is located near Kuwait Towers, and this island is considered the first artificial island established in the Arab Gulf region. Water and service center in the form of the Roman amphitheater in Jordan.
  • Failaka IslandIt is a historical island at the level of the State of Kuwait, which contains various historical monuments dating back to the third millennium BC, where tourist trips are organized to the island from the Ras Salmiya region.
  • Messilah BeachIt is considered one of the largest beaches in Kuwait, which extends on the coast a distance of (350) meters, towards the Fahaheel road, and what is distinguished by its white sands, and swimming pools for all ages on the beach.
  • Ski hallIt is an artificial sports hall for ice skating, established in the year (1980 AD), and is considered the first hall in the Gulf, with an area of ​​about (8,988) square meters, surrounded by a green belt.
  • Heritage VillageIt is located on Failaka Island, which contains ancient and ancient Kuwaiti buildings, built to preserve the authenticity of the old Kuwaiti residences.


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