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Malaysia is one of the countries located on the southeastern side of the continent of Asia, and this country occupies a prominent place among tourists from all countries of the world, due to its amazing beauty and relaxing nerves, and a wonderful internal system, but for every tourist before going to Malaysia collect some information about This great country, in order to make the best use of his time while he is there, and to leave a good impact in the hearts of the Malaysians, from good behavior and respect to the customs and traditions of the people of this country.

customs and traditions

Malaysia uses its own customs, and the tourist must abide by these customs and adhere to them, to print a nice floor in the hearts of the Malaysian people about him, and these customs and traditions include:

  • Eating should be done with the right hand.
  • When entering the Malaysian home, the shoe should be removed.
  • The drink must be accepted, and it is wrong to reject it for any reason.
  • Portraits are permitted in religious places, but calm must be maintained, and some mosques offer headscarves and veils for unveiled women, in order to perform their religious rites.


Food is one of the main things that distinguishes Malaysia from other countries, whether the tourist has eaten his food in luxury restaurants, or through street vendors, it is famous for its distinctive food, and the Emirate of Penang is one of the best places that tourists love to eat and taste Malaysian food.


Malaysia is characterized by high temperatures and humidity throughout the year, as it is possible to increase temperatures during the day to reach thirty-two degrees Celsius, and at night it drops to reach twenty degrees Celsius.


Tourist is advised to wear light and loose clothes, which are appropriate for the temperatures in Malaysia, in order to provide himself with the highest levels of enjoyment, and to avoid feeling uncomfortable.


Traveling to Malaysia is through the sea by ship and ship, or by land where we can use private cars, or taxis and buses, this is if the tourists are from neighboring countries and close to Malaysia, and it is possible to travel to it by air, if the tourists are from countries Far from it.

drinking water

It is not preferable to drink water from the water faucet, because high temperatures in Malaysia may lead to boiling water, and this can cause stomach upset, so it is advised that the visitor drink mineral water, and obtaining civil water is easy, as it is available in the supermarket and cafes at prices Cheap.


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