Traveling to Morocco

المسافرون العرب

The best time to travel to Morocco

The best time to visit Morocco depends on the activity to be performed or the region to be visited. In the case of wanting to visit the beach, it is preferable to visit Morocco in the summer between June and August. As for the desire to visit Marrakech, it is best to visit it during the spring and autumn seasons. As for the best time It is during the fall season to visit the Moroccan desert, and for those wishing to practice skiing, winter is the best time to ski in the Atlas Mountains.

Travel visa for Morocco

The duration of the travel visa to Morocco extends 90 days and can be easily extracted from the headquarters of the Moroccan embassy, ​​and in case of wanting to extend the visit to Morocco, compliance with the judge must be made before leaving the country. Visit the immigration authorities located in the central police station at the place of residence.

Transportation in Morocco

The best option for travel and travel between the cities of Morocco is the train, as the railways extend between all major Moroccan cities, and the traveler on the train can discover the social and friendly nature of the Moroccan people, in addition to the availability of a central bus station in each of the cities of Morocco, which provides delivery services what Among all the cities and villages of Morocco via local buses, tourists can rent private buses equipped with air conditioning and television, but the cost of travel through them will be more expensive than local buses, in addition to taxis that are spread in large numbers in Morocco, while the Moroccan air lines are a great option for It is transported through the cities of Morocco, but it is very expensive.

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Places to visit in Morocco

Morocco contains many tourist attractions, and those who want to visit Morocco can enjoy wandering in its most important cities, as Marrakesh is one of the most attractive cities for tourists and its visitor can enjoy shopping in its traditional markets and visit its historical and archaeological attractions, in addition to the city of Fez, which dates back to The eighth century has also been added to the World Heritage List, and is considered the largest area where vehicles are not allowed to enter, and the city of Essaouira, which is a favorite summer destination for locals and tourists, thanks to its location on the Atlantic coast.

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