Traveling to North Korea

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Traveling to North Korea

North Korea is one of the countries that follow strict policies in receiving and inviting tourists, but in the event of a visit to the tourist can go to many important places and spend beautiful times, it is of a picturesque nature and has mountainous areas, narrow valleys and coastal plains, and the best times to visit are during a season Spring or autumn of course its climate is mild and sometimes the country may be vulnerable to severe droughts or occasional hurricanes.


It is the capital of North Korea and it was built almost from scratch after its destruction in the Korean War, and when it is visited there is a great focus on monuments, constellations, statues and buildings that would glorify Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il, in addition to the idea of ​​Juche (Juche), which is the official belief of North Korea.

Baek Tucson

It is the highest mountain in the country and is one of the most amazing monuments in North Korea, and is located on the Sino-Korean border at the far northeastern end of the country.


It is one of the most beautiful regions in North Korea, but it is very far and a plane must be rented from Pyongyang Airport to Orange Airport to reach it.


It is a comfortable city located just a few miles from the DMZ in North Korea, and it has impressive heritage features.

General information about North Korea

North Korea is a country located in the east of the Asian continent and bordered to the north by Russia and China and from the south by South Korea, and it covers approximately 55 percent of the land area of ​​the Korean peninsula. North Korea is one of the most ethnically homogeneous countries in the world, its indigenous Koreans have been largely isolated since 1945, making them the vast majority in the country, and only a small number of Chinese make up the other ethnic group in it.


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