If you are a fan of tourism in European countries, traveling to Norway with a low-cost economic trip may be your opportunity to discover this charming country. Tourism in Norway is one of the highest economic costs in Europe, so many people refrain from just thinking about traveling to it. In this topic we offer some advice And experiments for a low-cost trip to Norway.

Traveling to Norway at the lowest costs

Traveling to Norway


There is no doubt that hotel prices in Norway are higher than those in neighboring European countries, and that less expensive hotels are booked first and for a long time. When traveling to Norway, book the hotel before booking airline tickets, and choose hotels outside the main cities or small family hostels. Free breakfast with room so you can save on big lunch. If you are traveling alone, search online before traveling for locals who rent beds or sofas for cheap prices.


The best tips for saving travel expenses when traveling to Norway. Reserve transportation in advance of travel. If you do not like this idea, there are some international banks that provide coverage for car rental insurance expenses in Norway when using their credit cards.Traveling to Norway

Traveling outside the tourist season

The peak of the tourist season is in Norway, in the period from May to August, when fog and winter precede it. However, the tourism movement in Norway varies by region: - Northern regions, where tourists can see the midnight sun phenomenon whose tourist season is between December and April. The rest of Norway has a peak tourist season between May to August, so be sure to travel to Norway in the period from April to October to get the best flight tickets and hotel accommodations. Also read: Cheap flight reservations ... tricks and secrets

Do not buy bottled water bottles

Norway is characterized by high public health standards and a very low pollution rates. Also, there were no complaints of tap water used in drinking or food. On the contrary, the taste of natural water seems better.

Tourist places in Norway

Tourism in Norway is highly dependent on natural places tourism, hiking and free tours. So you do not have to cost any money to see historical or archeological sites. Best of green walks, mountain climbing, and camping are best. The Norwegian government allows free camping with specific conditions One of them is that the camping tent is 150 meters from the nearest house. One of them is that the camping does not extend for more than two nights, and that the camp does not burn and that the campers are obliged to clean the place before their departure. Norway.

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