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Traveling to Norway

Norway is one of the fictional countries whose beauty exceeds the borders, as it contains many tourist attractions and attractive cities, museums, galleries and various islands that attract tourists from all over the world, and it is preferable to visit Norway to enjoy every inch of it when the weather is moderate, in the period between the months of May And every September, you will mention in the following paragraphs some of the tourist areas that can be visited in Norway.

Other tourist sites

In addition to the previous tourist sites, we mention other tourism sites in Norway as follows:

  • The Straits of Norway.
  • National Park.
  • Kristiansand.
  • Lillehammer Museum of Art.
  • Evotine Islands.
  • Munch Museum.
  • The Museum of Cultural History in Oslo.
  • Norway National Parks.
  • Svalbard Islands.
  • The Viking Ship Museum.

Norway tourist routes

Norway has many tourist straits, and we will mention the following:

Geranger Strait

The Strait of Geiranger is one of the national tourist routes in the state of Norway, as it contains many landmarks that are discovered while walking on the road, such as fertile valleys and various strawberry fields in addition to eleven different curves. in Norway.

Hardanger Strait

The Hardanger Fjord is one of the tourist routes in Norway, which is divided into three parts according to the landscape in each part. Its terrain varies between arid lands, mountains, and glaciers.

Entertainment in Norway

There are many options that can be spent in Norway and enjoying through many activities such as fishing, as Norway has a marine environment that contains a large number of different marine species such as fish, and it also has a wild environment that contains a large number of different types of organisms Live like wild reindeer, deer, rabbits, and grouse. Biking can also be explored to explore the beauty of the terrain, including various mountains and forests in Norway.

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