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Traveling to Seychelles

The island of Seychelles is located in the waters of the Indian Ocean and it is one of the tropical islands that are classified as natural reserves in all its coasts and different regions, where trees, birds, and various aquatic organisms spread on their coasts and in their waters, which were able to preserve their natural shape due to the lack of prejudice by humans, and the Seychelles archipelago consists of 115 islands, which are separated by a distance of 1600 km from the eastern African coast, and its main islands are classified as granite islands, while the other islands are coral islands that extend under the surface of the water with the emergence of its peaks from water, while the closest African countries to it are Damascus and Somalia.

Tourist areas in Seychelles

The city of Victoria

It is the capital of Seychelles and is located on the island of Mahe, the largest archipelago. The city of Victoria is the only city in Seychelles and the smallest capital in the world in terms of area. As for the rest of the Seychelles areas, they are small and simple villages. As the only city, Victoria has received great attention from the government, investors and businessmen, which is what It makes it the first in the country in terms of architectural beauty and the spread of restaurants, hotels and other recreational places.

Brasin Island

Brasin Island offers a natural palette of palm trees, dense natural forests that extend farsightedness, which are the perfect places for virgin nature lovers in Seychelles. The island also contains the distinctive Mai Valley and pineapple forests full of black parrot birds.

Ansi Lazio village

It is considered a village and resort at the same time and is characterized by its fine sandy beaches and its clear and warm blue waters, and the eastern side of it contains huge water pools formed by the gathering of some granite rocks in that region, and it is intended by many residents of Seychelles and other visitors for medication and treatment.

Tips for travelers to Seychelles

  • Shells of unique and strange shapes are found on most of the Seychelles beaches, but it is prohibited to capture them or keep them as part of the nature reserve, as it is prohibited to catch fish and birds scattered in its forests unless they have a government permit.
  • It is advisable to exchange currencies with licensed offices and hotels, while avoiding spending them in shops and restaurants to preserve their value and not lose a large part of them.
  • Temperatures rise to a large extent in the months of April and October with the presence of many hot flashes of air, until the water temperature reaches 29 degrees Celsius, so it is preferable to avoid visiting the Seychelles during these two months.
  • Bird lovers can visit the Seychelles in April to enjoy their sights during the breeding period, while in October the number of birds there is less to start migrating towards warm regions.

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