Traveling to South Africa

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South Africa

The South Africa region is considered one of the best places to attract tourists globally, as it has many beautiful beaches, mountains and wildlife, and many cultural villages that are worth a visit, and the following must be visited when visiting South Africa.

Tourist places in South Africa

Kruger National Park

It is one of the largest parks in Africa, with an area of ​​approximately 18989 km, and there are nine main doors that receive visitors and tourists throughout the year, and the park includes many types of animals, and there are also many predators such as rhinoceros, leopard, giraffe and hippo And hyena, crocodiles, and frequent tourists in the winter for a number of reasons, including: very hot summer, and a low chance of malaria; which spreads in the summer, and you can see many types of plants in the park, especially rare plants, and many types of resident and migratory birds; Adopting their nests above Tiff park.

Table Mountain

It is one of the flat mountains located in South Africa, at the northern end of the sandstone mountains in Cape Town, and it is one of the most visited places in South Africa, and tourists who like hiking prefer to visit it, and Table Mountain is composed of many types of sand rocks, and many Different types of plants, many animals and birds exposed to extinction, and upon reaching its summit, Cape Town and its multiple beaches can be seen, and the mountain is named by this name for its flat shape like a table, it is one of the most wonderful mountains, and is worth a visit, and spend some fun time.

Garden Route

It is an area that includes many types of scenic and wonderful plants, and this region is located in the southeast coast of South Africa, as there are many small lakes, and the climate in the Garden Route area is a hot summer and mild winter, and rain can fall throughout the year , And many reserves have been established in this region where there are many corals and marine animals, such as dolphins and seals.

Human Institute

It contains many caves, which are classified by UNESCO to the World Heritage site, and contains many ancient excavations.

Cultural villages

These are villages located throughout South Africa, where many celebrations and mysterious things are held, and African culture can be seen there, knowledge of the prevailing customs and traditions, African dance, and cooking.

Sun City Resort

It is one of the most important resorts in South Africa, it has four hotels, and many restaurants that offer delicious international food dishes, and as many ceremonies are held, and golf can also be played by golf lovers so many games will be played with it.


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