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Traveling to Switzerland

Switzerland mediates the European continent, within a green nature beyond imagination, in addition to the respect and absolute follow-up by its people to the regulations and laws that regulate their daily life, which helped make it one of the most secure and stable countries, and a desire to visit by a huge number of tourists across the world, Especially the Arabs among them, where everything that the tourist is searching for is available from public parks, international restaurants and huge shopping malls, in addition to special sites to practice hobbies on all of its types, in case of wanting to visit this country more than wonderful, there are some things that must be learned to enjoy a trip Soft and dead Pity.

General information about Switzerland

the climate

Switzerland has a distinctly different climate, despite its small area, but it includes terrain with different landmarks between the high mountains covered with snow, medium plateaux and thick forests, and its climate is characterized by being moderate in most of its regions, with a general average of 10 degrees in the winter, or In the summer its temperature ranges between 17 to 28 degrees Celsius, and the time that prevails in this atmosphere is the best time to travel to it.

The language

Switzerland is a multi-lingual country, without the presence of its own official language, so that the largest percentage of the Swiss population speaks the German language, while 20% of them speak French in general French dialects, and they gather in western regions, while 7% of them speak italyn and gather In the southern regions, with a dialect that is closer to classical, in addition to the spread of the Romenesque language close to Latin in the Canton Mountains, so it is preferred to be familiar with some of the prevailing language in the region to be directed to.


There are fountains of fresh and drinkable water available in various regions of Switzerland, with special sources available for bottling water. In the event of running out of water, tourists can use these fountains to obtain water, instead of buying water.

the prices

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries, but the tourist can easily find the popular markets that have low prices, as they contain small restaurants that enable the tourist to buy encapsulated food, and enjoy it on the outskirts of lakes and rivers.

Hospitable people

The Swiss people are among the hospitable and friendly people, which deal with tourists and strangers with all politeness, the tourists can deal with the Swiss people with ease, as the Swiss provide assistance and assistance to tourists without any hesitation, while providing the information accurately and in detail to ensure the arrival of the tourist to his destination without facing any problems .

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