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Thailand was able to leave a prominent mark in the world of tourism in East Asia, due to the great development witnessed in the tourism sector in recent decades, as the picturesque nature of Thailand contributed to attracting a large percentage of tourists to it, as its beaches are distinguished from the rest of the world’s beaches by their interference with thick forests. Trees along its banks, which allow tourists to enjoy the greenness of the trees, and the serenity of the blue waters at the same time, in addition to the friendly and gentle nature of the people of Thailand who is always smiling, and adheres to their heritage and culture in all areas of their lives.

Tourist places in Thailand

Thailand is famous for a number of tourist places that all tourists are keen to visit, including:

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace was built in the eighteenth century in the city of Bangkok after its transformation into the official capital of the country, to be the permanent residence of the Kings of Thailand, and the Grand Palace was built in a distinctive architectural way to include a mixture of Thai architectural style and Western architectural style that prevailed at the time, and the Kings of Thailand continued to reside In the palace until King Rama died in mysterious circumstances inside the palace, then the palace became a museum that receives hundreds of visitors and tourists on a daily basis.

Similan Islands

The Similan Islands are considered the first face in Thailand to practice diving, and the beaches of the islands are distinguished by its pure white sandy beaches, alongside the intertwined green trees. The second is in the west, and dives in it along the huge granite rocks.

Chiang Mai Bazaar

The Chiang Mai Bazaar, which is open throughout the evening hours every night on weekdays, is the first destination for tourists to buy gifts and popular Thai artifacts as a special souvenir from these countries, and is available in this market that spans a number of streets and branches into many paths, buildings and traditional Thai clothes. , Handicraft.

Riley Island

Riley Island attracts rock climbers from all over the world, due to the numerous steep limestone mountains on its shores.

Fang Nga Bay

Fang Nga Bay is classified as one of the most scenic areas in the world, along which a number of prominent mountain slopes extend from within the waters, which contain a number of water caves, and the only way to reach these caves is through small water boats, There are many tourism companies that organize exploratory trips for tourists towards this Gulf.


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