Traveling to the Czech Republic

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Geography of the Czech state

The Czech state is a country surrounded by hills and mountain ranges in central Europe, so that it does not possess any coast but rather consists of mountains such as the summit of Mount Snezka (English: Snezka) which reaches a height of about 1,602 meters above sea level, and the country also includes many rivers such as: river Vltava, Morava River, Oder River, and Elbe River.

Climate of the Czech state

The Czech climate is mixed, as it is affected by large fluctuations in temperature and rain. Generally, temperatures decrease with increasing altitude in the country, but they are relatively unified in the lower parts of the country, where the temperature in a city is estimated at about 7 ° C and rises to about 9 ° C only in a city. Brno is south of Moravia, and high temperatures may exceed about 32 ° C in Prague during July, and drop to less than -17 ° C in February.

Sightseeing in Czech Republic

Karlstein Castle

This castle can be visited through Prague using the railway system, and this castle is a site that preserves the crown jewels in Bohemia, and a tour of this castle can be taken to learn about the places where the gems are preserved and how the lives of the residents live in the castle, and visit the shops to obtain souvenirs.

Cesky Krumlov town

Cesky Krumlov is located between two slopes near the river, where the castle is located on one side of it and the city on the other side, and this town is considered one of the coolest regions in the Czech Republic, and the Renaissance tower can be climbed to enjoy the scenic landscapes in the countryside. Take a tour of the castle and land complex and visit the shops and restaurants in the city.

The city of Karlovy Vary

Venerable Karlovy Vary is one of the most popular recreational spa resorts in the Czech Republic. It is visited by tourists for relaxation and by patients according to doctors ’orders to shower and drink from the medicinal waters flowing across the ground.


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