Traveling to the Maldives on their honeymoon

المسافرون العرب

Advantages of spending honeymoon in the Maldives

Many of those who aspire to marry or newly married aspire to spend their honeymoon in the Maldives, for what is known by these islands as a paradise that combines greenery with water and the beauty of the sky, which creates the opportunity to build experiences and memories that are perfect and timeless for those looking for a romantic, calm and picturesque nature spread on its remote islands with Its beautiful beaches and pure water rich in fish, in addition to its high-end resorts that are keen on treating their pioneers as the treatment of kings and princes, which are the things he is looking for and needs newly married couples to enjoy the honeymoon as planned.

Isolation and calm

The remote Maldives helps to provide a special atmosphere for those wishing to stay on their honeymoon alone, away from sources of inconvenience and stress, where newly married couples can enjoy lounging completely on a soft sandy beach, while swimming in the clear waters and watching the romantic sunset views.

Spa places

Resorts in the various regions of the Maldives are distinguished by providing unique and distinctive services for the residents, especially spa services that are available around the clock without interruption, while providing the spa with old traditional methods that the locals are accustomed to for several years, with many popular methods of treatment inherited from generations. The ancient lands that lived on these islands, which are mainly extracted from the unique plants that cover the various regions of the Maldives, the most important of which are the materials extracted from the fruits and trees of coconut which are abundant there.

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Maldives is characterized by the coral reefs that surround it extensively, which helped in the spread of diving in it, in order to enjoy watching these coral reefs that spread around the islands to be distributed in three thousand different regions, which provide the spectator with unparalleled pleasure due to the beauty of their colors, shapes and ways of dancing with a movement Water, in addition to the rich fish wealth of more than a thousand different species of marine life scattered and distributed in all the islands waters, which diver can enjoy watching from the smallest fish in them to the most dangerous and stiffest such as shark.

Flight in the plane

New married couples can enjoy a trip on one of the marine planes dedicated to this matter, in order to be able to see the landmarks of the Maldives completely and from the top, with the ability to take pictures of groups of islands formed for the Maldives through a dedicated wing in the plane, which consists of a transparent glass wall, helps in capturing Panoramic pictures of stunning scenery, in addition to enjoying flying to and from the sea with its distinctive landing on its water.

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