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Is a Turkish city located in the northeast of Turkey on the Black Sea, and has a population of approximately 214,949 people, including Turks, including Greek and Pentagon, and this city (Trabzon) is the commercial gateway to Iran in the southeast of the country and the Caucasus in the northeast. Trabzon was a Greek city, and it remained so until the Romens conquered it in the year sixty-five B.C., and in 1461 AD it was taken over by the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II, and his son was installed as a ruler over it, and in it there was a living provision by his son Suleiman the Magnificent, and that was in the year 1495 AD, During the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, the country witnessed great development and prosperity, just as during his reign the country witnessed many conquests.

Tourism in Trabzon

The city of Trabzon is distinguished by its picturesque nature, its enchanting green forests, and the presence of twelve rivers, and is considered an important tourist destination for its beauty and the large number of tourist places in it. Among these places are the following:

  • Lake Uzungol: Turkey’s longest natural lake, characterized by its picturesque natural beauty, and its charming beauty due to its fall between trees and forests, so the visitor feels as if in the middle of the charming nature.
  • Trabzon castle: This castle was established with the aim of repelling the attacks that the hostile forces were waging through the Black Sea, and it is now one of the most important tourist attractions that attract visitors and tourists from all countries, so its visitors can observe the beauty of Ottoman architecture, as well as the beauty of the inscriptions that decorate it.
  • Karaga Cave: It is located in the south of the city “Trabzon”, and its length reaches about four kilometers.
  • Buztba Hills: These hills overlook the shores of the Black Sea, and there are many restaurants, and beautiful and quiet sessions.
  • Ataturk Museum: The museum is located in Sisli, which is a pink house from the outside, and this house in which Mustafa Ataturk, the first president of the Turkish Republic with his sister and mother, lived, so this museum was carrying his name and specializing in it, and the museum inside contains Ataturk’s personal property of clothes, pictures, Paintings, and historical documents.

Religious monuments

Here are the most important religious monuments in the city of Trabzon:

  • Somala Temple: It is also one of the most attractive attractions for tourists, and it is necessary for those visiting Trabzon to visit this temple, as it is known for its wonderful views, and its wonderful engineering architecture, and this temple is very old, as it was built in the fourteenth century, and it was built on the Somala Mountain, which is known for its steep decline, And the height of the sea by one thousand two hundred meters.
  • Gulbhar Khatun Mosque: The mosque’s construction dates back to 1510 AD, and it is a huge landmark for the city, and the innovative Ottoman architecture can be seen in it.

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