Traveling to Turkey at the lowest cost is not impossible and every Arab youth can start from now on setting an economic budget for one of the most beautiful tourist countries in the world. There are some tips and secrets that we are happy to share with the readers of the Arab Travelers website in order to travel to Turkey at the lowest cost with getting The most enjoyment of the trip.

Traveling to Turkey at the lowest cost

Get a museum card

If you are planning to visit a large number of tourist places in Istanbul and are afraid to spend the budget on entrance fees, we recommend that you obtain a museum card. This card allows you to visit a large group of the most famous landmarks of Istanbul at reduced prices. The most important tourist places in Istanbul that you will be able to visit with this card are the Topkapi Palace and the need for Sofia. The benefit of the card does not depend on this only, but it gives the owner of discounts on some restaurants, shops and museums. In the archaeological sites.Traveling to Turkey at the lowest cost

Turkish baths

Spending some time in Turkish saunas is one of the things that are confirmed on the lists of travelers to Turkey. And with the increasing demand for these places, their prices have increased dramatically recently. In this simplified guide to traveling to Turkey at the lowest cost we reveal to you some old Turkish baths that still provide their services At the lowest prices, Hammam Pasha Klitsch is one of the Turkish baths, which offers a high level of service at a very reasonable cost.

Tourism outside Istanbul

Since Istanbul is the historical capital of Turkey and it has the most important historical places, there is a large turnout of tourists, which leads to high prices for all its services. Other tourist cities such as Antalya, Selcuk, Kas provide accommodation and tourist services at prices much lower than Istanbul with an incomparable quality level.Traveling to Turkey at the lowest cost

Travel reverse the tourist season

If you are looking to travel to Turkey at the lowest cost then you should think about the times when the number of tourists decreases and thus the prices decrease. The tourist season in Turkey reaches its peak in the months of July and August, which correspond to the most famous holidays in Europe. Therefore, travel to Turkey before or after these two becomes The two months are a good opportunity to get the best price offers. Travel from April to June or from June to September represents the busiest and least expensive times. Also read: The cheapest food in Istanbul .. What to eat and where to eat?

Enjoy free things

There are many free things that can be done in Turkey, especially Istanbul, without the tourist having to pay more money such as: - Visiting historical mosques open for prayer such as the Blue Mosque. Visiting public parks open to visit without fees. Visiting the modern Istanbul Museum on Thursday, where the visit is free. Sultan Ahmed Mosque and seeing the historical places, touring the popular historical markets

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