Traveling to Vienna

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Traveling to Vienna

It is the capital of Austria and its largest city, and was chosen by the European Union among the best cities in terms of living in the world; Vienna is distinguished by its nature, and there are many centers for teaching literature, music and science, and its residents are known for their grace and enjoyment of life, and Vienna is also distinguished by the presence of many Beautiful places, places of events, and tourists from all over the world flock to enjoy them, the entry visa to Austria does not need much time, you may need a period ranging from 3 days to two weeks provided that they stay for a period of less than a month and a valid passport.

Tourist places in Vienna

Here is a list of the most important tourist places in Vienna:

  • St. Stephen’s Cathedral: It is one of the most important monuments in Vienna, where the Catholic Archbishop resides, and there are many important celebrations and events, built in 1147 on Roman architectural coordination, and rebuilt again in the fourth century in the Gothic style, and has become one of the important tourist destinations to attract tourists Vienna’s fascinating architectural beauty.
  • Vienna State Opera: It is one of the oldest opera houses in the world. It was opened in 1869 AD, and many of the most wonderful international performances were held in it, but it was destroyed during the Second World War, and it reopened in 1955 AD, with the number of seats increasing to 2200 seats.
  • Art History Museum: The Museum of Art History was built near the royal palace according to a distinctive architectural style, which was widespread in the Renaissance, and the museum contains many ancient artifacts and a high dome of 60 meters in length, and a large collection of ancient exhibits, whose existence dates back to the Habsburg era, which is the era In which the Habsburg people ruled Austria.
  • Vienna Prater: It is an area where many different events are held, such as fireworks, car collision tracks and spiral ghost train, and many cafes and restaurants. And the giant Ferris wheel ride can be enjoyed to enjoy time.
  • Old city center: This center includes many large gardens, parks, some old big castles, many high-rise buildings, restaurants and cafes, and there are many different activities that children and adults enjoy.

The most important palaces of Vienna

Learn about the palaces in Vienna through the following:

  • Hofburg Palace: It has been inhabited by the ruler of the Habsburg Kingdom since the thirteenth century, and is considered the official residence of the Republic, the seat of many art groups and a conference center.
  • Schonbrunn Palace: It is one of the most important cultural monuments of Austria, as it was in the old mansion of the former Vienna Emperor, and the palace consists of 1441 rooms, and many main sections. The palace includes many gardens and a zoo, and gardens for plants, which include different types of plants and different flowers.


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