It is customary to obtain entry visas in order to travel to your destination, and it is considered one of the difficult things that you encounter while planning your travel.
Also, the expenses that you pay to obtain a visa are included in the cost of your travel. There are some countries that are difficult for you to obtain to visit, and thus affect your reservation of hotels and airline tickets.
But what do you think about traveling without a visa? No doubt, it will save you a lot of costs and expenses that will be paid in the visa extraction fees.
In our Arab travelers website, we will mention some tourist destinations that you can travel without a visa to enter.
Alternatively, you can obtain an entry visa when you arrive at the airport and you will obtain it with ease.

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Travel destinations without Visa:

1- Indonesia:
Arab travelers can travel to Indonesia without the need for a visa.
It is one of the best tourist destinations that facilitate travel without a specific visa for Arabs.
As for travelers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, they do not need an entry visa from them at the present time.
Among the most famous tourist attractions that you can visit is Bali Island. 2 – Maldives: Who among us does not hear about the Maldives now, the place that is considered the destination of many artists in the world;
In addition to having cruises and enjoying the activities that are held on the beaches constantly.
Among the countries that are permitted to travel without a visa are the Maldives.
If you want to travel, enjoy relaxation and get active again, head there without thinking.

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3- Malaysia:
You can travel without a visa to Malaysia, especially if you want to spend your honeymoon there.
The fun of honeymoon in Malaysia is suitable for couples getting married, because it contains beaches and hotels, in addition to the presence of charming nature.
4- Georgia:
Travel without a visa to Georgia is permitted for Arabs residing in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar.
Georgia is one of the countries that has recently appeared on the tourist map, and it is also a strong candidate for entry into the European Union.
If you want to visit a piece of Europe and you are a citizen of the previous countries, do not hesitate to visit it.
5- Hong Kong:
If you would like to visit an Asian country, we advise you to visit Hong Kong.
It is one of the countries that Arabs are allowed to travel without a visa to.
Hong Kong is keen to attract tourists from all over the world, given the ancient temples it contains.
As well as it contains distinctive attractive beaches and sand that drive, and the many shopping places.

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6- The Seychelles:
There are many travelers wondering whether the Seychelles Island has a visa or not.
But the answer is that the Seychelles does not need a tourist visa, and you can visit it and spend the best time in it.

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