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Turkey has witnessed many successive civilizations, which established and established its kingdoms and empires in it, to make it a country rich in its archaeological treasures, from engravings, inscriptions, and monuments, still witnessing those ancient times, rich in its dazzling architectural heritage. Perhaps the Turkish state is among the most famous and richly available in the world. The parties, so that there is almost no city in it but contains a large museum, which includes many rare antiquities, such as the Istanbul Archaeological Museum, the Anatolian Civilizations Museum, in addition to the Trabzon Museum, the Mosaic Museum of Zugma, not to mention the existing museums themselves in cities Ancient antiquities are well established, fixed and lofty to this day, which are countless.

The most important monuments in Turkey

Among the most beautiful Turkish ancient cities:

  • Patara city: It is a city famous for its ancient monuments, especially the famous temple in it, as well as the priest of Apollo, and it has a triumphal arch of victory which contains old inscriptions, and an ancient theater with a diameter of about eighty meters and its history dates back to the year one hundred and forty-five AD, and in it a famous bath was built by Vespasian.
  • Harran city: It is a historical city mentioned in the Torah, and it is affiliated to the province of Urfa, and is famous for its ancient domes.
  • Kibara: It is an ancient archeological city, in which the first records of the Lydian language, which date back to the first century BC, were found.
  • Laodicea: It is an ancient archeological city, where Al-Amoud Street is famous, in addition to a site for the old city that includes the Western Theater, and also includes the Western bathrooms.
  • Miletus: An ancient archaeological city, known today as the Balata, in which the ancient Roman stone theater is famous, in addition to the ruins of the city, and it has many graves, in addition to a huge hall surrounded by arcades, and an altar of Artemis decorated with reliefs, and also a temple for Apollo Delphi, and a temple for Athens.

Turkish monuments

Turkey is full of charming monuments, the most important of which are:

  • St. Pierre CastleIt is also known as Bodrum Castle, located near the city of Bodrum, and it was built for the year one thousand four hundred and two AD by the Knights of St. John.
  • Sea Qilda Fort: This fort is located in the east of Dardanelles, and its construction dates back to one thousand four hundred and sixty-three AD to Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror.
  • Kiva Fort: It is one of the archeological towns in Batman Governorate, which contains the ruins of Artaqa.
  • Gordium: They are ruins of the city, as it was destroyed after the invasion of Gaul in the year one hundred and eighty nine AD.
  • Rumeli Castle Siege: Its construction is attributed to the invading Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh. Its walls rise about eighty meters, and it contains three towers.
  • The Seven Churches of Asia: It is a group of churches that were built at the beginning of the Christian period, the church of Ephesus, the church of Smyrna, the church of Pergamon, the church of Thyatira, the church of Sardis, the church of Villavia which is also known as the Church of Alaşehir, and the church of Laodicea.
  • Karun treasure: It is also known as the Treasury of Crosses, which is a collection of antiques, and its number reaches about three hundred and sixty-three masterpieces, dating back to the seventh century BC, and is famous for the jug carved with anthropomorphic, and also the tomb of Tiumoles.
  • Dagli Castle: It is located in the city of Mersin, built from the time of the Romans, and it has been destroyed in some of its areas, which contain shelters as well as dungeons and bathrooms, and are decorated with patterns that have not been deciphered until today.


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