Turkey Bridge

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Turkey was distinguished by many beautiful places in it, including heritage places, including scenic nature scenery, including distinctive modern architecture, and also its charming atmosphere was an important reason to attract tourists from all over the world to visit and enjoy its unique features.

Turkey Bridge

The Bridge of Turkey (Bosphorus Bridge) is a striking sight, and it is also called as the First Bosphorus Bridge, as it is one of the two most important bridges suspended by Turkey, as it passes the Bosphorus Strait located in the Turkish city of Istanbul to connect it with the countries of Asia and Europe, while the other bridge has been known as a bridge The second Bosphorus or the Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror Bridge, the Bosphorus Bridge was distinguished by its distinctive shape and design, and its unparalleled splendor in particular at night, it was an important symbol of Turkey.

Building a bridge in Turkey

In 1970, specifically on February 20, construction of the Turkey Bridge (the First Bosphorus Bridge) project, the unique suspension bridge of its kind, began in the year 1973, and specifically on October 29, this bridge was completed and it was opened, and this bridge was designated for the passage of cars traveling through it, and it is reported that this bridge A celebration has been held to commemorate the founding of the Republic, and the German company Hoogevey has been commissioned with the British company Gelland Nagen Renga to establish this project and undertake the design as well. The work consists of 3 5 engineers with various specializations, and about 400 Turkish workers to carry out the different tasks of building, to produce this suspension bridge that was 1560 meters long and 33 meters wide, as well as the balloons that hold the bridge reached 165 meters, and this bridge rose from the sea by 65 meters, The costs of this bridge amounted to $ 23 million. Every day, over 200,000 cars passed through the Bosphorus Bridge, and nearly 600,000 people, so that people crossing this bridge moved from one continent to another.

Suicide cases on the bridge of Turkey

Also, the Bosphorus suspension bridge is the fourth most famous and most important suspension bridge in the Middle East and in the entire world, and it is said that some people who walk on this body see many suicides or attempts to commit suicide from the height of this bridge, so the Turkish government has decided to prevent pedestrians from crossing over This bridge is for fear of increasing suicides from the bridge, just as the government obliged the cars traveling through this bridge to pay certain fare amounts, so that the income of the bridge belongs to some of it is a right of the state and others as a cost for the periodic maintenance of this bridge.


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