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In detail, information about trams in Turkey and Istanbul transportation lines. In all countries, trams are one of the most important and interesting means of transportation, as well as trams in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, where it was designed in a way that accommodates the large proportion of the population of the city of Turkey, where the population of more than 12 million people As for the large conglomerate in numbers, the whole population suffers from the exhausting congestion problem, which leads to some traffic problems.
That is why the Turks resorted to implementing a new project that helps get rid of that overpopulation, and also for ease of transportation anywhere, so in the nineteenth century the first tram line was made in Turkey for the first time.
Since that time, this tram was considered one of the most famous and most easy and mainly used means of transportation, as all metro and tram lines are located in Istanbul, it has the most famous stations, and through this article we will collect many information about the tram.

Tram lines located in Istanbul:

  • Zeytinburnu-Bagcilar Line and vice versa
  • Adren Kabi-Sultan Jiftly Line and vice versa
  • Kadi Koy – Moda Line and vice versa ((This line is located in the Asian part of Istanbul))
  • Zeytinburnu-Qabatash Line and vice versa ((Old Istanbul Line))

Where there are three tram lines at the Zeytinburnu station, as for the division of the station three branches of the tram branch, and the Qabatash station from which two tram lines branch, and the Exrai station has two tram lines, and now we will get to know the location of each of them.

Zeytinburnu, Qabatash and vice versa:

This station is located in Istanbul, where it is in the middle of the metro with the Sultanahmet tram, the Qabatash tram, and it also links Bagcilar, where there are these clothes that are sold wholesale in all markets, and also the party that connects the old Istanbul to the new, and the time between them takes only five minutes.
There are escalators in all of its stations, especially in the Zeytinburnu station, where there is a ladder that connects you to the Qabatash station, where that line is one of the most important lines that exist in all regions of Turkey, and it has historical importance in all ages, and there are many historical places, Mosques, museums, and different areas for the purpose of tourism, and this line passes on many different stations, including:

  • Zeytinburnu This place is for wholesale clothes only, and it has Ataturk Airport.
  • Exrae, which has several stations, the port of Beni Kabi and some bus stops, and the airport is a short distance from the bus stops.
  • LALEL: And this place is popular for its wholesale clothing stores, Lale University.
  • Bayesit There are popular markets in this area, and the covered markets, called Kabbali Jarshi.
  • Sirkeci is home to all popular clothing stores, and has three-star hotels.
  • Eminiono This is where the most famous port is Eminonu, where the name was given to the station in relation to it. There are also Egyptian markets, and Mohamed Pasha’s markets, and it has Asian and Bosphorus trips.
  • Sultan Ahmed is housed in the Blue Mosque, several museums and some of the ancient historical places
  • Qabatash This is where the Qabatash Port is located, as it is called because of its great location, and it also has a well-known tram station.

Istanbul tramway track

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