Are you thinking about traveling soon to Turkey and want to enjoy spending time on one of the most beautiful beaches of Turkey, besides enjoying visiting the famous tourist and historical sights in Turkey? If you are, here are some of the most beautiful and best tourist beaches in Turkey:

“Patara” Beach – Turkey’s Longest Beach:

This wonderful white sand beach is not only the longest beach in Turkey, but it is also the most beautiful, and is preferred by families, and children love the warm shallow waters of this beautiful beach densely packed with sand dunes, in addition to that the beach has a wonderful beach cafe that offers food and drinks at reasonable prices and a place Dedicated to rent umbrellas, chairs and beach equipment. There is also a wonderful hotel bearing the name “Patara” at the beach. This hotel provides beautiful and comfortable accommodation for its guests in addition to many recreational activities that include free rides to and from the beach and weekly barbecues The optional.

Bodrum Peninsula Beach:

It is the main beach on the Bodrum Peninsula and is one of the most beautiful Turkish beaches and is bordered by green orchards, olive trees and reservoirs dating back to the Ottoman era, and this beach is one of the favorite beaches of the elite and the wealthy in Turkey, and besides the magnificence and beauty of this beach it is also located near Many famous sights on the Bodrum peninsula, the most famous of which is St. Peter’s Castle. There are many other beautiful beaches on the Bodrum peninsula, including Bitez and Türbükü. You can go and spend some time at the main beach, and try surfing there like many beach visitors.

If you are looking for a great place to stay near the beach in the Bodrum peninsula, the “Mandarin Oriental” hotel on the northern shore of the peninsula will be a good choice, as the hotel has two private beaches, and also contains many rooms and luxury hotel suites .

Lake Shore “Ölüdeniz”:

This beach has been decorated for three decades with tourist posters and guidebooks issued by the Turkish Ministry of Culture, so no one can question the beauty and splendor of this beach, the shore of Lake “Ölüdeniz” is famous for the beautiful pine trees that surround it in addition to the series of rocky highlands that are found in the background of the lake This beach is still in development, so it is more like an unspoilt natural beauty.

Kalkan Beach:

The town of “Kalkan” remained until the 1920s a small Greek fishing village, and in the eighties it turned into a bohemian resort for Turkish artists and wealthy people fleeing the life of the big city, and then it turned into a high-end tourist resort preferred by the British, and the village contains a small port for small yachts and cottages Beautiful fishermen, great restaurants and cafes, the most important thing that distinguishes the town of “Kalkan” and its main beach of the same name is that it is far from the hustle and bustle of the cities and it is also close to the wonderful beach “Patara” and the hotel “Kaputas”.

Beach “Antalya”:

If you are looking for a traditional beach vacation and want to spend a wonderful time on one of the Mediterranean beaches and one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey and that you have an easy and quick access to clubs and shopping areas, this beach in the Turkish city of Antalya will be ideal for you, as it is located in an area surrounding It has clubs, restaurants and cafes, and it is also close to the suburbs that are interrupted by new shopping centers, cinemas and supermarkets, Antalya is also the home of the famous annual art festivals, and is home to fine arts such as classical music, opera and ballet, if you are looking for a great place to stay in Antalya you can Choose “Su” Hotel, which overlooks the beautiful Konyaalti Beach in Antalya and overlooks a range of limestone cliffs.

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Bodrum Peninsula Beach
Bodrum Peninsula Beach

The shore of Lake Ölüdeniz
The shore of Lake Ölüdeniz

Patara Beach - Turkey's longest beach
Patara Beach – Turkey’s longest beach

Kalkan beach
Kalkan beach

Antalya beach
Antalya beach

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