Turkish city of Polo

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Polo City

Polo Eli Governorate is a province located in northwestern Turkey, which is an important vital point between the capital, Ankara, and Istanbul, with a total area of ​​7410 km2, and a population of more than two hundred and seventy thousand, which is a mountainous area full of forests, with a few agricultural areas.
Polo Province is famous for agricultural products and dairy products such as cheese and cream, and most of these products are sold and consumed locally, and it is also considered one of the most important trade corridors between Ankara and Istanbul, especially after a tunnel was opened between the two cities in the year two thousand and seven, because travelers began to get acquainted with them and stop to get Rest and eat.
It is ideal for hiking and climbing due to the presence of mountains, lakes, forests, and wildlife of animals such as deer. Polo Province is divided into nine provinces, four sub-provinces, and thirteen municipalities, in addition to four hundred and ninety-one villages.

The history of the city of Polo

The history of the city dates back to more than a hundred thousand years before it became one of the most famous Turkish cities, as it was found in it some ancient ruins that confirm that it was a populated area, ruled by the Persians, Romans, and Byzantines.
The Byzantine Empire lost the war against the Seljuk Turks after the year one thousand and seventy-one, and it was returned again during the Komnenian era, but after the end of the rule of this dynasty, the Turks gradually restored it until it was annexed to the rest of the Ottoman Empire in the year one thousand four hundred and sixty-one. In this article we will talk about the city of Polo and its most important advantages.

Tourism in Polo

Polo is a tourist area par excellence, as it possesses all the elements necessary to attract tourists because of its moderate and humid climate in the period from November to early June, and rains fall in the summer, so it is full of forests, green hills, hot springs, and recreational areas in the forests.
As for the winter season, the Abant Lake turns into ice, another tourist attraction for snowboarders from all over the world. In the spring and autumn, the city of Polo is a pleasure for visitors and families to make trips and family gatherings, in addition to having special places for relaxation, camping, fishing, and skiing. Not only that, it contains hundreds of birds, mammals, and reptiles.
There are also countless hotels and restaurants in the city center, which serve traditional Turkish food, and also offer the best local products such as the hidden types of cheese.


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