Turkish streets of Cyprus

المسافرون العرب

Comprehensive information on the streets of Turkish Cyprus, is officially “the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”, which is located in the northern part of the island of Cyprus, and its inhabitants are Turks, and it also runs the Republic of Northern Cyprus its external relations by the Turks, as well as its economy (which depends on tourism, agriculture and support Finance) follows the economy of Turkey, and the official currency is the Turkish Lira.
It includes a third of the area of ​​the island of Cyprus, equivalent to 3,335 square kilometers, and a population of 210,000 people, and the most important country is Kyrenia (or Guerna in Turkish), and below we discuss in our article with Arab travelers information about the most important streets of Turkish Cyprus and the best tourist places there.

Life in Turkish Cyprus

  • There are five provinces in Turkish Cyprus (Guerna, Goeturt, Skelly, Famagusta, Nicosia).
  • The weather is ideal as a country located on the Mediterranean Sea; it is hot dry in summer, mild in rainy winter.
  • Turkish Cyprus is distinguished by its tourist diversity: it has beaches, museums, markets, and hotels open at night for more adventure, and restaurant parties in the port of Gerna.
  • In addition, the nightlife of Cyprus is characterized by a calm nature, which makes it an ideal place for simple holidays and relaxation. We find bars and nightclubs prevalent.
  • Turkish restaurants in Cyprus are also varied, and there are also hotels and places for camping.
  • The main language of Cyprus is Turkish, the Turkish language is spoken, and the minority of elderly people speak Greek, and there is an opportunity to speak English as well.
  • The official currency is the Turkish lira, and banks and hotels are accepted in British, American and German currencies, in addition to the possibility of using credit cards in hotels and some restaurants and stores.
  • The vast majority of the Turkish Cypriot population condemns Islam, followed by the Christian and Jewish minority.
  • Traffic and transportation are characterized by following the existing system of traffic in the United States of America, and the price of taxis decreases after five in the evening, and on public holidays.
  • The people of the Turkish Republic of Cyprus love giving celebrations great importance, especially family celebrations such as weddings, so the Turks usually host the guests, and if it comes to the elderly, then they should be given priority in everything that is celebrated.

Turkish Cyprus Tourism

  • Tourist areas in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are concentrated in:
  • Ghurna, which is the most important tourist city
  • Fuxha is the capital of Nicosia
  • Magusa is a city on the Greek road border
  • Guzel Orth
  • To leap
    • Tourism is one of the pillars of the first economy in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
    • There are many sports such as surfing, surfing, and skydiving.
    • Also, the Turkish Cypriot shopping movement is characterized by the ability to obtain souvenirs made of minerals, as well as Turkish games such as table, gold jewelry, and Turkish clothing, knowing that the market prices are stable and are characterized by the availability of all.
    • The Turkish Cypriot hotels vary, as there are three, four and five stars hotels all over the island, and there is an opportunity to rent apartments and villas for students and expats.

    Turkish streets of Cyprus

    The Turkish streets of Cyprus are characterized as either pedestrian only, or they are crossings to which the various means of transport enter, by tourists, or traveling across the borders of Cyprus. We mention from these streets and crossings:

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    • Ledra Street is a pedestrian street only.
    • Old shopping street in Nicosia.
    • Agios Demetius / Karmia / Mitihan Street, which is the main road and pedestrian crossing near Nicosia.
    • Astromerets and cross the street by car only and is located near the city of Gozliut.
    • Ledra Palace is one of the oldest crossings and is located to the west of the city of Nicosia
    • Pergamum Street, Piarmodo.

    Cyprus has always been a strong tourist destination, for those who want calm and relaxation, and in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus the situation is ready throughout the year to receive visitors and deal with them with welcome and affection, which was confirmed for all Turks, even taxi drivers.

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