The United Arab Emirates is one of the most important and best tourist countries around the world, as the UAE receives what may reach millions of tourists annually, due to its best tourist attractions, including the picturesque nature that is full of animals and rare plants, which may not be available. You can see it in a place outside the Emirates, this is in addition to many tourist attractions and places designated for holding the best events throughout the year that receive citizens and tourists alike. In this article we will be exposed to explain some of the most important events in the Emirates that have been held during this year .

The most important events in the UAE this year

The Thirteenth Emirates Conference on Intensive Care:

  • The entry fee was about 450 AED, and this conference was a good space for explaining the latest medical technology and a presentation of live discussions and clinical statements, which allowed those who attended the conference to understand some important medical matters and how to properly face disasters and emergencies.

Queen of Drama:

  • The entry fee was one hundred dirhams, but as for the place of residence, it was in the Serkal district. The play relied on explaining several forms and social situations in which the modern woman lives and what she has in the ordinary everyday situations that can be part of every woman’s life and discuss all of these. Attitudes in a dramatic theatrical context This is in addition to shedding light on one of the characters that makes a dramatic comparison between the position of women in the past and in the present, as well as an attempt to find a solution to the problem of postpartum depression as well as shed light on breast cancer and try to spread awareness of the disease through Dramatic frame, along with some dances, designed to give the soul of a mate Of the drama is one of the most important activities of the UAE for the year 2020.

The Lover Factory:

  • And it was one of the latest and most important events that took place in Dubai, and the entry fee was about 140 dirhams, and whoever attended this event, he enjoyed an atmosphere of joy and fun through the best wonderful comedy shows.

They welcomed the spring with children:

  • As for the best activities that were held specifically to receive the child, it was this event, and the entry fees were free of charge, and this event provided many artistic and craft activities as well as providing the presence of cartoon characters alive, allowing the child to see the characters he loves on the ground .

Al-Marmoum Heritage Festival 2020:

  • The ticket to attend this festival was free of charge, and the festival was an opportunity to see the best ancient Hogan races and was held in the field of Marmum and was characterized by a wonderful enthusiastic atmosphere and this event spanned for ten days as it was an opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the desert and watch the best races.

Modern wedding:

  • The conference was one of the most important conferences held in this regard. The entry fee was about 1595 to 5000 US dollars. The conference brought together a large number of distinguished parties in the design of weddings and wedding planning, in addition to the presence of a large number of the most important and largest designers Celebrity outfits.

Arab artist in Dubai:

  • Arab artist Mohamed Abdou was one of the most important and major events held at the Dubai Opera Theater, where millions of fans of the famous artist Mohamed Abdou flocked to see and enjoy his art.

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