Umm Al Qamari Island

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Umm Al Qamari Island

Al-Qunfudah Governorate, which is located on the western coast of Saudi Arabia, is famous for many of the islands that it supervises on the Red Sea, such as Jabal Al-Sabaya Island, Tharaa, Jabal Ducha, and Umm Al-Qamari. The migratory gambling that lands on the island is an ideal location that these birds prefer during the migration season.

The island consists of two main islands, and they are called Umm Al-Qumari Al-Fawqania and Al-Baraniya. The total area of ​​the island as one unit is one hundred and eighty-two thousand and five hundred square meters.

The island is characterized by reef limestone, which rises only three meters above the sea level, and is also surrounded by the waters of the Red Sea rich in coral reefs, especially within the region of Umm Al Qamari Al Baraniya Island. It abounds on its coast.

Natural life on the island of Umm Al Qamari

The Saudi authorities have adopted the island of Umm Al-Qumari as an important home for the protection of migratory birds during the migratory seasons.

The island is considered a distinguished destination for Qunfudhah residents during their fishing trips. It is forty-five minutes from the coast of Qunfudhah city. The island is filled with many coral reefs that diversify the great fish wealth. The migration season, when birds begin to flock in the month of February of each year, and lay eggs until they hatch during the months of March and May, and after caring for young chicks, they continue their migration to the coast of Africa in the summer months.

What distinguishes the island is its white sand, which is colored by the seashore that is carried by the waves and throws it on its shore.

Marine organisms, birds, and plants that live on the island are a vital ecosystem. Birds, like the eagle, depend on food for the fish that swim in the waters of the island, while plants provide an ideal place to build bird nests in them. There are many large nests scattered on trees or on rock heights And the island is considered an ideal place for the diversity of natural life. That is why it attracts many scholars and researchers to study the environmental balance and how to preserve the island’s environment, especially from fishing enthusiasts who prefer it to practice fishing in it.


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