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Marble Cathedral, Argentina

The Blue Marble Cathedral is located on the outskirts of Lake General Carrera in Argentina, visitors will discover that it is a wonderful marvel in which the limestone has turned into marble, and reflects the interior design of the amazing blue maps that sparkle in the turquoise color reflected from the crystal waters to mix in a wonderful natural stone painting. White.

Northern Hanan Mine Tourist, Western Australia

If you are a fan of the West, then you will surely love the trip to the largest golden city in Western Australia, located at a depth of 30 meters underground, but it is an integrated city with historical buildings and colorful bars and a hundred years of gold boom and circulation boom.

Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky, United States

Located in central Kentucky, Mammoth Cave National Park boasts the largest network of natural caves and many of the largest underground galleries. The names of some of the caves such as “Grand Avenue” or “Frozen Niagara” confirm the magnificence of these caves, which took root 10 million years ago, meaning that they existed about 9.5 million years before humans appeared on Earth.

Acton Chen Natural Park, Mexico

Crystal rivers with clear water penetrate the ground amazingly and burdened with unusual mineral formations such as stalagmites, limestone stalactites, and fascinating fossils of Acton Chen Caves located under the tropical jungle in Mexico, can be easily discovered by hiking or through diving and underwater adventures.

Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland

Salt was considered a precious metal during the era of cavalry and castles, and in Poland huge caves were established that stretched along 287 kilometers all of salt. There, the unforgettable lakes, churches and statues of salt will dazzle you. Among the most famous statues are the statue of Saint Kinga and Leonardo from the plate of the Last Supper, and this mine is home to the largest underground museum that includes concert halls with great sound systems.

The tunnel is under Lucca Castle, Italy

Discovered in Lucca, Italy, a place rich in history and traditions, Via Francigena is the long medieval pilgrimage route that crosses Lucca surrounded by medieval villages, castles, monasteries, and churches. However, the most important characteristic of this tunnel, which is located under the medieval castle, is the way to reach it through passing through the wide and illuminated alleys full of stones and relics dating back to the time of the Knights.

Saint Marcel Cave, France

The Cave of Saint Marcel in France takes you on a journey into a magical world. It includes unique terraces that are divided into large halls and galleries of water sculptures with precision that matches the accuracy of humans. There are also groups of unique calcite tanks in the world.

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