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The Earth is a huge ball in a vast universe whose inhabitants live on its surface. To make sure of this, I found many theories that interested in studying the Earth, some of which stated that the Earth contains a cavity inside it, in which there is a different life, and other beings that humans do not know about live Scientifically, all human beings know that the earth contains within it several layers of rock, but this evidence has been invalidated by some scientists, who have proven that the cavity occurs in a certain way through earthquakes, for example, and man wonders whether indeed the earth is hollow and contains objects in its interior .

Earth’s components

The Earth is made up of several layers and is called the crust, the cover, the area of ​​weakness of the earth, the upper and lower mantles, and the inner and outer nuclei, and as a result of the existence of scientific development, scientists have become more interested in knowing the Earth, and more importantly, knowing what it contains of treasures, but despite that, man was unable It reaches deeper from the ground, because the temperature increases, as does the pressure, and it is difficult for a person or any metal to resist that heat.

Underground world

People live in the twenty-first century, but they do not know everything about the planet Earth such as the ages of dinosaurs and the Bermuda Triangle, but in contrast some people have been confirmed that there is an underground world, and the evidence that supports this is the story of Gog and Magog that includes some kind of Quranic miracle, where it was said that Dhul-Qarnayn was able to confine Gog and Magog underground, and accordingly they continued to dig to be inhabitants of the underground, and from this story man can infer the existence of life, and the cities underground.

Knowing what is under the earth does not give anyone the right to leave harmful effects on the outer periphery, but rather he must reform the earth by discovering it, for God created man freely and not guided until he does what he wants, and he does what is in his interest that should not conflict with the interests of others.

Underground landmarks

There are many landmarks under the ground, some of which have been discovered, while others have not been reached. An example of these features is:

  • Several underground cities have been discovered, the largest of which is in the Cappadocia region of Turkey, which is located around the 5000-year-old hills of Nevşehir.
  • Man has discovered many coins buried in the ground.
  • Ancient artifacts were found in various parts of the world under the ground.
  • We cannot forget the statues found abundantly in hidden places on Earth.
  • Discovering the mummy.
  • Large quantities of gemstones with beautiful colors, but these discoveries did not stop there because the curiosity of man always drives him to discover new things.

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