In the last two centuries, the Arab countries have been striving to compete with the global atmosphere and levels of education; education in the United Arab Emirates has achieved its goal of global competition. In this article, we will try to address education in the UAE in all its aspects.

Education in the Emirates from the beginning:

The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries that have formal education, goes through the known stages. Education begins in the kindergarten, then primary, preparatory, and then secondary levels, and the stages are concluded with university education. Education in the UAE can be completed by graduate studies, whether master’s or doctorate, in universities Emirati.

Scholarships and education in the Emirates:

Many Emirati universities offer scholarships for Arab students, and the level of education in the advanced Emirates allows this, and opportunities are very special but for limited numbers. Several scholarship programs are available for Emirati students, and expatriates alike. Examples of these scholarships are: 1. The comprehensive Emirati scholarship for Arab students: This scholarship is available for the university degree, and it is also available for masters and doctorates. In order to obtain this scholarship, you must prove the qualifications obtained, and fill out the special form on the site. The scholarship includes tuition fees, and the availability of study at each of the following universities: Khalifa University, American University of Sharjah, etc. If you obtain this scholarship, you must maintain a high level of study To be able to keep the grant. 2. Khalifa University Scholarships for Masters and PhD: This scholarship is available for international students, and they are required to obtain a bachelor’s degree, and the student should obtain a high certificate in the English language such as TOEFL or IELTS. It is possible to apply for the scholarship via the Internet, along with attaching copies of certificates and passports. It is also possible to apply for the scholarship for any specialization, whatever it is, the important thing is to have a master’s degree and doctorate. In conclusion: The United Arab Emirates seeks to provide a competitive educational level, and this attracts science lovers worldwide, as this is an irreplaceable opportunity for Arab students due to linguistic affinity and the closeness of customs and traditions. The scholarships provide an important aspect for these distinguished students.

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