Uzungöl is the most beautiful rural village in Turkey, defined as a private resort for those who want to relax and privacy. (Uzungöl) translates from Turkish to “long lake” in relation to a lake formed 5 centuries ago and around a group of green valleys. Uzungol is a natural reserve with its beautiful plants and animals Rare wilderness such as "roe" deer, which is characterized by its super beauty.Uzungol

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Where is Uzungol located

Uzungol is located in the Black Sea region in northern Turkey at an altitude of 1090 meters above sea level and away from the city of "Trabzon" about 99 km.

When to go to Uzungol

The period between the months of July to August is the peak of the tourist season in the village of Uzungol. Due to the height of the village above the sea, the rains fall heavily throughout the fall and winter seasons, which makes the stay inappropriate. In general, Uzungöl can be visited throughout the spring and summer due to the mild climate and splendor Green landscapes at this time of year.Uzungol

How to go to Uzungol

There are no direct flights to Uzungol from any of the major cities in Turkey such as Ankara or Istanbul. To reach Uzungol, you must first go to the city of “Trabzon”, including a car or bus ride to the village which is about 100 kilometers away. The journey takes from “Trabzon” to Uzungol About an hour's drive is among the most spectacular scenery in the world.UzungolAlso read: Where to spend your honeymoon in Turkey

Sightseeing in Uzungol

The most prominent tourist scene in Uzungol is nature, as there are no shopping malls or entertainment venues. Tourists prefer to spend time around “Pine Lake”, camping and barbecue parties. It is also possible to spend time fishing in Lake Fish, which is 24 kilometers from the village. (Uzungöl) the valley of “Haldizen” and the village of “Karikara” which is known as the tea village and overlooking the “waterfall terraces”. You can also visit the kitchen and oven of Uzungol where women gather to make baked goods. Inside the enlightenment. As for the historical places in Uzungol F. There is the Ataturk Museum and the popular Mulhouse Market.Uzungol

Restaurants in Uzungol

Uzungol has a group of lakeside restaurants, most serving fresh grilled fish caught from the lake.

Hotels in Uzungol

There is a small group of wooden hotels in Uzungol and their prices are affordable. Some families and families also rent rooms in their homes for tourists at discounted rates as well.

Tips when traveling to Uzungol

Because the village of Uzungol is above sea level, it might get cold at night, so it is best to carry some heavy clothes. Also, please take any medications or drugs that are taken regularly and warn those with high blood pressure against climbing.

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