Varna Bulgaria resorts are distinguished by its beautiful beauty that has always dazzled tourists, and each resort is unique and has its own style
Also, the nature of the coastal city and its distinctive location on the Black Sea added a special beauty to the resorts.
There are a group of coastal resorts located on the beautiful sandy beaches north of Varna, and these are the most beautiful of all.

Varna Resorts Bulgaria

Varna Golden Sands Resort

The resort is located 17 kilometers north of Varna and it deserves to be called the Pearl of the Black Sea because it has a unique garden on an area of ​​8000 hectares overlooking the beach and has the freshness of natural forests;
This makes it one of the most beautiful resorts of Varna Bulgaria.
The resort extends over a wide range of beautiful golden sands, as it combines the unique tranquility with the purity of sea water and the plants that are filled with the garden in addition to the therapeutic mineral springs. The resort's beach strip is 3.5 kilometers long and 100 meters wide.
It also has a lot of entertainment, reconstructed and renovated to create excellent conditions for rest and recreation and get the holiday you dream of.Varna Golden Sands ResortVarna Golden Sands Resort

St. Constantine and Helena resort

This resort is the oldest in Bulgaria at all and is located eight kilometers north of Varna and is small and secluded and provides excellent opportunities to rest and relax in peace and quiet.
It is located directly on beautiful beaches of fine sand and charming sea water ideal for snorkelling and fishing.
There is an abundance of spa springs, trees and plants that create a pleasant atmosphere and a pleasant breeze.St. Constantine and Helena resortSt. Constantine and Helena resort

Varna riviera beach resort

The Riviera Beach Resort is located 17 kilometers northeast of Varna, on the beach where peace and tranquility prevail in addition to the presence of beautiful gardens with rare plant species, and quiet bays with soft sand that contribute to creating an atmosphere of comfort and luxury together.
The resort includes six hotels that can contain up to 550 guests and is open throughout the year and provides ideal conditions for water sports. The resort is also known for being an exclusive center for business tourism because it provides an excellent environment for agreements and business meetings and also enjoys technical and technological development that helps complete the business. Varna riviera beach resortVarna riviera beach resort

Albena Bulgaria Albena Resort

The Alpina Resort is located in a picturesque bay in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.
The resort is a truly fabulous place where you will be in complete harmony with nature as the sea water is shallow and clear as crystal.
The beach strip reaches a length of seven kilometers and a capacity of 150 meters. The plant surrounds the resort in a large reserve to preserve the pure nature from overcoming civilization development; thus you will be able to see some of the rarest plants and animals, as it is famous for its picturesque flower gardens.Albena Bulgaria Albena ResortAlbena Bulgaria Albena Resort

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