Video: the art of packing a suitcase

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Let us admit that travel and excursions are almost unparalleled fun, especially in the holiday season, except that travel also has many benefits, but the joy of travel may be destroyed when one of the travel-related things is forgotten when these bags are packed.

Also, the way the bag is packaged is an art that many travelers must realize so that this matter does not become a source of concern for them.

This art is based on the quality of the pieces chosen and the method of arranging with the method of folding the pieces in order not to take up too much space in the bag, and shoes must be placed in bags for travel.

Here are some tips that will reduce the number of bags, and the bag should not be full when traveling. It is natural to buy souvenirs and gifts when returning.

Initially, the bag should be of a good type, meaning that you can invest in it without changing it each time when purchasing a low-cost bag.

– To allocate clothes for the day of travel and for the return trip as well.

– The travel bag must include neutral shoes to match most colors, such as black, white, gray, and brown, and the bag must also include athletic shoes.

– The clothes must be folded in an order so that they do not wrinkle, while the cotton clothes can be wrapped in order not to take up space in the bag.

Light clothing should be placed in the middle of the bag.

– Insert belts and socks in the available blanks from the bag.

The cosmetic and personal care bag should be placed on top of the bag.

– Never forget the electronic devices chargers.

– Put on an air bag to put dirty clothes on the return trip.

Here are these videos depicting the art of bagging from Louis Vuitton, who started his life nearly a century and a half ago in making travel bags and boxes at the time:

Video the art of packing a suitcase - Video: the art of packing a suitcase
Several benefits for travel

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The importance of the quality of the bag


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