Vienna is a popular place to visit

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Visitors’ experiences in Vienna are tourist places recommended to visit, the Austrian capital city of Vienna, which is famous for being the most classic and romantic tourist destinations, it is that city that gave the world many precious things, the site of Arab travelers reviews the most famous landmarks as it includes many classic tourist attractions starting from palaces The old buildings, museums, even restaurants and rest areas, it is that city that is famous for a mixture of ancient and ancient culture and modern modern culture, there can enjoy the taste of delicious foods, especially pastries, which are famous for them a lot, and here are the most important of Maken tourism can be had in Vienna.

Vienna is a popular place to visit.

Hofburg Palace:

This palace witnesses the succession of the most famous empires that ruled Austria. Between the good things of Gran this palace can move from one culture to another, and this palace is located in the heart of Vienna, but today it is the official residence of the President of Austria.

Spanish Riding School:

There, you can enjoy watching horse shows, where you enjoy the best offers, and it is one of the oldest and oldest equestrian schools in the world, and the history of the work of this school dates back more than 460 years, and it is still learning classic martial arts until now.

Schonbrunn Palace:

This luxurious building is characterized by its magnificent view of the river and the city, and this palace is located on the hills above southwest of Vienna, and the number of rooms in the palace is 1441. There are 45 rooms of which are dedicated to the public. The palace is very luxurious, just like the Million Room, which has many oriental motifs.

Hundertwasser Building:

It is an apartment building, but in fact it is the closest thing to a wonderful architectural masterpiece, where the trees that cover the roofs, and many rolled tree leaves at the same time trees that grow inside the building units, and one of the most distinguishing features of this building is its bright colors that evoke joy for the soul, This building is an integral part of Vienna’s cultural heritage.

Ringstrasse Street:

It is one of the great streets of Vienna, as it includes many tourist places such as luxury palaces, public parks, a number of museums, churches, historical buildings and other archaeological treasures.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral:

This church is considered one of the most important landmarks of Vienna, and St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the center of the Catholic Episcopal and at the present time, and it is considered one of the highest buildings in Vienna at all, where the wonderful architecture, and covers the ceiling of this cathedral for about 230 thousand pieces of glazed tiles, in addition to containing many valuable artworks And high-end.

Belvedere complex:

This complex is considered one of the great historical sights of Vienna, at night hours the complex is lit to turn into a wonderful fairy image, and this complex consists of many palaces and includes an orange nursery dating back to the late 17th century, as well as it contains a wonderful garden created in the Baroque style.

Graben District:

And it is considered one of the most famous areas of Vienna, and the street and the Grean region are considered one of the population streets of the city, where craftsmen live in houses made of wood, but they were developed gradually, becoming a market and housing with advanced periods of the city’s history, while today it is considered a major shopping park in Vienna.

Burggarten Park:

Where the fresh air and calm amid large green spaces arouse joy in the souls, and there can be a lot of rare creatures and see groups of tropical brushes in the garden of Bougarten, and was in the past similar to classic English gardens while today it is an important tourist destination for all those who wish to spend the best times in the arms of nature, The park includes a memorial to the famous Austrian music composer Mozart.

Danube Island:

This island includes many sandy beaches filled with gravel and other grassy beaches, in addition to the presence of many swimming bays that extend all over 42 km, and this island is considered one of the best tourist places in Vienna, where there are many recreational activities.

Danube River:

It attracts many visitors, especially those who love swimming, boating, rowing, and windsurfing. The river is surrounded by a number of restaurants and green parks.

Austrian National Library:

It is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, and it includes a variety of rare volumes and books.

flowers Garden:

It is one of the oldest and most prestigious public parks in Vienna, and was in ancient times considered the favorite place for the aristocratic families ruling the country, and the park remained the same until the present day, while it is now considered the primary destination for all city residents and tourists to spend the best times on holidays.

Sea House:

It is one of the most popular landmarks in Vienna, where adults and children visit it daily to see more than ten thousand different species of different marine creatures.

Danube Tower:

It is the tallest structure in the city ever, as it overlooks many of the city’s sights that can be seen from the top of the tower.

Ferris wheel:

It is considered one of the most attractive tourist destinations for tourists and locals in Vienna, and this giant wheel raises the sky of the city to a distance of two hundred feet

Stadt Park:

It is one of the oldest public parks in the city, dating back to 1862, and it is considered one of the most popular parks in the city.

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