Wazzan city

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Wazzan city

One of the Moroccan cities located in the northwestern side of it, near the Rif Mountains in the southern side of the Lucus Valley, and rises above the sea level about six hundred and fourteen meters, and inhabits about fifty-eight thousand six hundred and forty-eight people, according to statistics in 2010 AD, and is considered the capital The official website of the Wazzan region since 2009, specifically when it was established, after it was part of a region known as Sidi Qassem, located on the western side of the Bani Hussein Shradah. As for an astronomer, it lies along the longitude of thirty-four and a half north and thirty-five and a half west, on the southern border For the seductive countryside mountains Evidence.

Date of establishment of the city

There are many narratives about the founding of the city and how it originated, but there are three narratives spread, as follows:

  • The first narration: It is an oral account that is transmitted by people, and it does not have papers to prove its authenticity, and it states that the city was established during Roman rule, and their evidence for this is that the word Wazzan is the name of one of the Roman emperors, and also states that it was located on the commercial road linking Volubilis to Tangier .
  • The second narration: I mentioned in a book called Al-Rawd Al-Munif, where its author indicated that the minaret of the Great Mosque of the city was put in place by Musa bin Nusair, who conquered North Africa during the era of the Umayyad dynasty, and this indicates that the city originated and existed during the Umayyad era.
  • The third narration: It was mentioned in the book “The Pillar of Certainty” by Abu al-Qasim al-Azzafi, according to which a person named Abu Taher, a supporter of Sheikh Abi Yazi, was a preacher in a mosque in Medina in the sixth century of immigration in particular, and this is evidence of its existence during that period.


There are also many narrations about the city’s naming with this name, the most famous of which are the following:

  • The first narration: It says that the word is Latin, given by a Roman emperor to the city, in relation to his son and heir, and his name is Azinus, from which the word Wazzan is derived.
  • The second narration: It is reported that the word was given to a person named Abd al-Salam, a person who was in charge of a store in which he weighed merchandise merchandise, at the entrance to the city, and is currently known as sand, which is evidenced by the presence of Sufi materials in the city, where the Wazzani robes are the best At the level of Morocco.
  • The third narration: As for the last one, it says that the word Wazzan is derived from the word Wad Al-Zain or the word Wad Zaz, which is a small river running in the northern mountainous areas of the city.

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