An integrated guide to the most famous and best Turkish baths and their advantages as tourists seek to visit them from different parts of the world, because they have a lot of fame and attraction, and Istanbul includes a number of wonderful baths, and we will get to know the most famous and most beautiful through our following article:

The most famous baths in Turkey:

First: Kialloo:

This bath is one of the most famous Turkish baths, which is located in the city of Istanbul, and the date of the establishment of that bath dates back to the eras of the ancient Ottoman Empire, where the date of the establishment of the bath dates back to the year one thousand seven hundred and forty-one.

Entertainment in Kailuelo Bath:

  • One can enjoy a massage session and some skin care sessions available in that bathroom.
  • You can also enjoy buying many of the Turkish toiletries found in the bathroom’s store.
  • The bathroom also provides a place for relaxation, through which you can sip a cup of tea to the sound of music in order to achieve harmony.
  • It is also possible to eat some snacks in that bathroom in the place designated for that.

Second: Chamberlay Tosh Bath:

This bathroom is one of the oldest Turkish baths, as it dates back to the Ottoman times, and that bathroom includes a wonderful architectural design, in addition to the inscriptions and decorations decorated for the place, as it includes many domes.

Entertainment at Chamberlay Tach:

  • You can enjoy taking private skincare sessions in the bathroom, as well as massages that the bathroom provides you for a small sum.
  • Some souvenirs can be bought at the convenience store located in the bathroom.
  • You can also enjoy a cup of tea in the comfort hall in the same place.

Third: Galatasaray’s Bath:

Galatasaray Bath is one of the most famous Turkish baths that exist in the city of Istanbul, and it is also one of the old Turkish baths, where the history of the establishment of that bath dates back to the year one thousand four hundred and eighty one, and this bath is one of the baths that includes many departments.

Entertainment in Galatasaray Hammam:

  • Enjoy access to the authentic Turkish bath, through the various departments, including hot and cold, as desired.
  • Enjoying private body massage sessions, and the bathroom includes a special section for women, and the bathroom is covered with a large dome.
  • Enjoying tea, through the small cafe in one of the bathroom areas, where there is quiet music to get more relaxation.

Fourth: The Hagia Sophia Bath:

The Hagia Sophia Bath is one of the most famous baths in Turkey, because it is one of the finest baths and is the private bath of the Sultan’s harem, and therefore it is considered one of the oldest baths.

Entertainment in the Hagia Sophia:

  • Enjoy massages and skin care sessions.
  • Enjoy watching this luxurious and luxurious bathroom, which is designed with luxurious marble.
  • The bathroom has many distinguished services, among which are high-end towels, most of which are made of silk.

Fifth: The Sulaymaniyah Bath:

The Sulaymaniyah bath is one of the most famous Turkish baths, because it is one of the baths that many visitors prefer to visit and learn about that old bath which was built by the Ottoman architect Sinan.

Entertainment in Hammam Sulaymaniyah:

  • Enjoy taking massage sessions through the unique old design of the bathroom.
  • The bathroom has the highest level of service from many different bathrooms.
  • Enjoy skin care sessions and get the highest level of services, which lasts more than an hour to get to recuperation.

Sixth: The Sultana Bath

Hammam Sultana is considered one of the most important and famous Turkish baths, and it is also one of the bathrooms built by the architect Sinan, who was one of the best architects of the era of the Ottoman Empire.

Entertainment in Hammam Sultana Mahrama:

  • Enjoy taking your favorite bathroom, whether hot or cold, as there are two distinct pools in the bathroom, which provides the Turkish bath at the highest level of service.
  • Enjoying the massage sessions in the bathroom, all at discount prices from other Turkish baths.

Seventh: Ali Pasha’s bath:

Ali Pasha Bath is one of the most famous Turkish baths because it includes the unique architectural design, which was also built by the architect Sinan Pasha, while Ali Pasha was the most important commander in the Ottoman army.

Entertainment in Hammam Ali Pasha:

  • Enjoy taking a traditional Turkish bath, but in a distinctive and upscale location, which ranges from approximately one to two hours.
  • Multiple massages and skin care for simple rates.
  • It is also possible to have a cup of tea or coffee inside the place designated for that, to the sound of soft music, fine drums and oud.

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