What are the best cities for tourism in Turkey?

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tourism in Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries of the Middle East, as it is located in two different continents, as the west of Turkey is located in the continent of Europe, and the east in the continent of Asia, and thus is a link between the two continents, and Turkey is classified as the sixth most popular and visited tourist destination around the world, as it attracts Annually more than thirty million tourists, and the tourism side continues to achieve positive annual growth.

Best cities for tourism in Turkey

There are many Turkish cities whose tourist attractions are considered a magnet for a large number of tourists around the world. Among these cities are the following:


Istanbul is the economic, cultural and tourist capital of Turkey, as it is the largest and most important city in it due to its geographical location which is located in the center of the country, and its importance is also due to its attractive and beautiful nature and its cultural and religious position, and it is not strange for the French leader Napoleon Bonaparte to say it when he launched it: (if the world was a country One was the capital of this city undisputedly), and the number of Istanbul residents exceeds fourteen million, constituting 18.5% of the total population of Turkey, according to statistics of the Statistics Authority for the year 2016 AD, and the city is known for its religious and ethnic diversity, and for that not Until now, it still holds a distinguished position among the various members of the religious communities.

Istanbul’s regions and squares were known on the international level, such as Taksim Square and the nearby street called Istiklal Street, as well as the huge mosques that date back to the distinctive historical periods such as the days of the Ottomans, such as the Sultan Ahmed’s Mosque, Sulaimaniya, the New Mosque, Abu Ayoub Al Ansari Mosque, Sheikh Zada ​​and others, as well as The Hagia Sophia Cathedral is one of its most prominent landmarks, as it was a cathedral then converted by Muslims to a mosque in the rule of the Ottomans, to be converted by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk into a museum, and the most famous museums in Istanbul are also the Topkapi Museum (High Gate), Dolmah Bahgat Museum, and Panorama Museum 1453 Which represents the story of opening the city in three dimensions (3D), and in addition to all of this, some of the ports in Istanbul are important landmarks such as the Aminonu Winni Kabi port, and it is also famous in the city for the presence of a large number of parks such as Gulhana Park, and a number of old Turkish baths, cafes and cinemas .


Bursa is one of the most important cities in Turkey, and its history dates back to four thousand years BC, as it was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and was also the capital of many religions and civilizations as well, and from here it was the home of many distinctive archaeological and historical monuments. Bursa has a beautiful natural beauty and ranks fourth in terms of area and advanced technology available.
Bursa is one of the important tourist destinations that the Arabs intend to specifically, which sometimes leads them to buy homes and lands in it because of their frequent visits to them, which improves the city’s economy in a positive way. Its architecture is of Ottoman rule, the tombs of the Sultan Osman and Orhan, and the supermarkets.
The city of Bursa is distinguished by many sites that indicate Ottoman architecture specifically, such as (Yusil Kamei) Green Mosque, and (Ulu Kamei) The Great Mosque built by Sultan Bayezid I in the nineties of the fourteenth century, where it is distinguished by its two minarets and its twenty domes, as there is (Yusil Torb) or what is known as the green tomb, named after the color of the tiles in it, and it includes the tomb of Sultan Muhammad I.


The city of Antalya is an attractive city for millions of tourists around the world due to its picturesque nature and its important historical riches, in which the elements of different nature blend; from the sun to the glamorous blue sea, and from the green areas covered with trees to the mountains, where it can not all easily meet anywhere.
Antalya contains many areas worth visiting such as (Kaleici), or what is known as old Antalya, and it is a small historical area in the center of the big modern city, and there is a group of small hotels and hotel lodges that provide comfortable accommodation and luxurious food marred by the atmosphere of the old region In addition, there is the Clock Tower, the old harbor, the Yavlı Lighthouse, the Kızık Lighthouse, the Hadrian Gate which is a huge portal that had been established for the Roman Emperor Hadrian, and the Archaeological Museum which is one of the most important museums in Turkey, which mainly displays the monuments in the logic E Antalya and its vicinity.


Ankara is the capital and administrative center of Turkey, and the Turkish people consider it a symbol of modernity and independence, and it possesses a number of historical and modern elements at the same time in its various neighborhoods, which makes it a unique place and an attractive area for tourists to experience different cultures and structures. Among the most important landmarks in Ankara is the Citadel of Ankara, which enables the tourist to see Ankara in 360 degrees, and was originally built for defensive purposes, but it is now the most popular tourist destination in the city, as it contains the Anatolian Civilizations Museum, which is the Museum of the Year in 1997 in Switzerland, as it collects a large number of Anatolian monuments from the Paleolithic period to the present time, as it serves as an introduction to the ancient history of Ankara in particular and Turkey in general. It also contains the tomb of the first and second presidents of Turkey, in what is known to the Turks as (Anit Kabir) and is designed in a beautiful style that attracts many historians, architects, engineers, and fences. Also, the city of Ankara includes a park (Genklik), a mosque (Hassi Perm) and others.


Izmir is one of the most important tourist cities in Turkey, and it has been called (the jewel of the Aegean Sea), and the city is considered the third largest city in Turkey in terms of population after Istanbul and Ankara, and includes many tourist attractions such as Tantalos Tomb which is an ancient Greek legend, and the Marble Clock Tower which It was built in the nineteenth century, in addition to the Museum of Greek Population, Resorts, Gardens, Birds Gardens, and Shopping Centers.


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